Why Brett Lindsey's New Girlfriend Hasn't Watched Married At First Sight

Brett Lindsey was part of one of the few couples that decided to not stay together on Season 11 of Married At First Sightso it should not be too much of a surprise that his girlfriend post-marriage decided to skip out on watching him on television. Experts matched Brett with Olivia Conru for the documented mariage experiment. After eloping on the day they met, Brett and Olivia tried their hand at building a genuine relationship. But, after just a few weeks together, fans watched as Brett exited the show early and left Olivia sitting alone on Decision Day

Red flags were already on the rise for Brett and Olivia at the guys' bachelor party, as Brett blatantly tried to strike up a flirtatious conversation with one of Henry Rodriguez's female friends who was in attendance. "We're just friends," Diana told him after Brett tried getting her to seemingly link up with Henry. "This guy's terrible," Henry said under his breath. She reminded him to "keep it about" his engagement to Olivia before walking off. The awkward moment was the first of many that showed the different pages he and Olivia were on throughout their journey. 

Brett Lindsey's girlfriend wasn't 'comfortable' watching MAFS

It was during the Married At First Sight couple's trip when it became clear how opposite Brett Lindsey and Olivia Conru's views on their marriage were. While the couples spent time separated as girls and guys, Olivia rated their marriage a 7 when asked by the other wives. However, Brett refused to rate a relationship that he felt only "existed as a series of staged events." Once they were alone together, fans watched as Olivia tried to reach a common ground with her husband, but Brett appeared less than interested. 

After the season wrapped and the pair split, Brett shared an Instagram photo with his girlfriend Brittany Sleeter, a student at Tulane University's School of Medicine, Soap Dirt reported. It's possible that her busy school schedule has left her with little time to watch her boyfriend's divorce play out in Season 11 but, in November 2020, when asked by a Reddit user if his girlfriend watched him on MAFS, Brett revealed that she did not. "No, not really," he wrote back. "Understandably, she's not super comfortable with everything, but she's been extraordinarily patient and kind." 

However, she has gotten acquainted with one of his co-stars. That same month, Brett shared a selfie with Brittany and Bennett Kirschner. "Beer, Bennett, and Brittany," he wrote under the photo. "I couldn't ask for a better time." At least Brett managed to make one friend on the show.