MAFS: The Truth About Brett Lindsey And Bennett Kirschner's Friendship

Brett Lindsey and Bennett Kirschner had opposite experiences on Married at First Sight Season 11. Although Bennett and his wife Amelia Fatsi made it to Decision Day and opted to stay married, Brett walked out on his wife Olivia Conru and left the marriage experiment. Olivia was left alone at the finale, while Bennett showed off an upper thigh tattoo of his new wife's initials. 

Of course, the marriages weren't the only bonds growing during the show — the guys also spent time hanging out, like on the couple's trip. It was then that Brett started showing signs that he wasn't as into his marriage as Olivia was. After being asked to rate his marriage on a scale from 1-10, Brett shared his detachment from the process. "I wouldn't know how to rate the relationship that only exists as a series of staged events," he told the group. Meanwhile, Olivia was with the girls and rated their relationship a 7. Yikes

At the reunion — which Brett didn't attend — it seemed like he was on the outs with the fellow cast members, who appeared to side with Olivia. Some stars even criticized the New Orleans resident for seemingly flirting with Henry Rodriguez's friend at his bachelor party. But it seems there was at least one friendship Brett maintained after the cameras stopped rolling. As for the cast member's identity? Look no further than Bennett, who was spotted hanging out with Brett in November 2020. 

Brett and Bennett seem to be friendly

In November 2020, Brett Lindsey shared a photo from his visit to Bennett Kirschner's recently renovated tiny house. (The Married at First Sight star had previously shared a photo showing off his freshly painted self-built home.) But sprucing up his abode isn't the only thing Bennett has been up to — while his wife, Amelia Fatsi, was away completing her medical residency in Virginia, Bennett enjoyed a hangout session with his MAFS costar, Soap Dirt reported.

"Beer, Bennett, and Brittany," Brett captioned a selfie seated next to his girlfriend, Brittany Sleeter, and Bennett. "I couldn't ask for a better time. Tiny house was awesome btw!" The update let fans know that Brett has moved on following his divorce from Olivia Conru and has maintained a friendship with one of the guys from the show. The trio wore masks but appeared happy with their time together, which is notable considering Brett seemingly hasn't been invited to outings attended by Woody and Amani Randall, Miles and Karen Williams, and Olivia.

Although Brett wasn't the most liked on the show, Bennett was a fan-favorite, which seemingly earned him cred with social media users. "So glad to see some of your MAFS buddies hanging out with you," one fan wrote in the comments. "I guess everybody wasn't all judgmental and on Olivia's side."