The Masked Singer: Fans Think The Seahorse Is This American Idol Alum

The Masked Singer's fourth season is down to six contestants — and fans have some guesses about who they are. Fans think the Popcorn is Taylor Dayne, for example, and the Mushroom could be Anthony Ramos or Jordan Fisher. But what about the Seahorse? There's one overwhelming guess among Masked Singer fans, and that's the theory that the Seahorse is Tori Kelly, who was on American Idol's ninth season. There are a lot of clues that seem to line up with Kelly's songs and story, although The Masked Singer has been known to throw in some red herrings from time to time.

From the flying clocks in the second Seahorse clue package — a likely nod to Kelly's song "Time Flies" — to a tea party in the first clue package (which could be a reference to the singer's YouTube series Quarantea with Tori), here are all of the reasons fans think Kelly is under the Seahorse mask. After all, guessing each singer's true identity is what makes the show fun!

The Masked Singer's Seahorse and Tori Kelly have a lot in common

Did you catch that crossed-out smile in one of the clue videos? Fans think it's a reference to Tori Kelly's debut album, Unbreakable Smile. And in another Seahorse clue package, a certain animated campfire scene has fans talking. The Seahorse sits around a campfire having tea with four animals. Yes, the tea could be a reference to Kelly's tea series, but the specific choice of animals also has fans talking.

There's a rainbow frog, which could be a reference to Kelly singing "Rainbow Connection" with Kermit the Frog. There are two dogs that look suspiciously like Kelly's dogs, Dobby and Frodo. There's also, as judge Robin Thicke noted, a hog with warts, surely a Harry Potter reference — and Kelly's dog is named after a Harry Potter character. The fourth animal is a dove, and Kelly used a dove emoji in an Instagram post teasing the video for her song "Unbothered." Plus, Kelly has a song called "City Dove," and she also won a Dove Award in 2018.

The Masked Singer loves to throw viewers off the trail, but there are just too many clues pointing to Kelly being the Seahorse. Whoever's behind the mask, that rendition of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" was an absolute masterpiece.