Why Tayshia Adams Didn't Want To Get Engaged On The Bachelorette

Season 16 of The Bachelorette was already historic before filming began, starting with production picking the oldest Bachelorette in franchise history, Clare Crawley. Then, Clare's new shot at love got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the season eventually filming in quarantine at a location different from the iconic Bachelor mansion. To top things off, Clare made history again when she fell in love with and became engaged to Dale Moss just weeks into the show, leaving the rest of her suitors confused and ready to pack their bags.

The men got a new chance at love, too, when Bachelor Nation alum Tayshia Adams walked into their lives as the new Bachelorette with a huge smile and a sparkling gown. It's safe to say Tayshia gained her title as the show's leading lady in an unusual way, but that hasn't stopped her from giving the situation her all. In fact, she confessed during a November 2020 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that she would not change anything about her entrance onto the show. "As crazy as it sounds, I think this introduction to being the Bachelorette was the best way possible for me," she said. The reality star added that the way she met her contestants was "perfect."

Although Tayshia seemed up for the challenge, it didn't always feel perfect for her journey. She was concerned about the end goal of getting engaged and even told producers she didn't necessarily want to put a ring on it. Here's why Tayshia Adams felt some hesitation.

Tayshia Adams wasn't prepared for an engagement

Although the process of choosing a Bachelor or Bachelorette can be a lengthy and intricate one, the production team had to think quickly when Clare Crawley decided to leave the show. ABC executive Rob Mills appeared on former Bachelor Nick Viall's podcast in October 2020 and explained that Tayshia Adams was called onto production when Clare famously gave herself a rose after being extremely disappointed in her suitors on a group date. "This was the time when we started thinking, 'Oh my god, like we've really got to start thinking about this,'" he said.

The Bachelorette production had their eyes set on Tayshia and offered her the spot. According to Tayshia, the producers wanted her to leave for the resort immediately after the initial phone call, but she was hesitant. "I told them, 'I don't think I'm gonna get engaged at the end of this, I think I might just leave with a boyfriend or whatever,'" she admitted during her Bachelor Happy Hour interview. Luckily, the producers understood and told her to follow her heart. "So I didn't ever really feel that pressure of 'Oh my God, I need to find a husband right now.' So I just kind of lived my journey how I wanted to," Tayshia confirmed. 

Tayshia arguably faced better reactions as the Bachelorette than her predecessor, so it seemed to have worked out for both Tayshia, The Bachelorette's producers, and all of Bachelor Nation.