How Clare And Dale Both Made History On The Bachelorette

On the Nov. 5, 2020, episode of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss both made history. While Clare's path to finding forever love on the reality TV series was unprecedented, the 39-year-old suddenly got her happy ending when the two got engaged on air (via US Weekly). Yup, in a first for the Bachelor Nation franchise, Clare surprised host Chris Harrison (and the rest of The Bachelorette contestants) by choosing to leave the show after only a few weeks because she was in love with Dale.

You have to give the Season 16 bachelorette snaps for her bravery: Clare knew how she felt about Dale, and she laid her heart on the line. During that same episode, she told her man on their first one-on-one date, "When you got here, it was like electricity for me because I knew that I had just met my husband. You embodied everything that I want in a man. I'm just so in love with the man that you are." Luckily, Clare's risk panned out because Dale confessed that he loved her, too. Aww. 

The next day, Clare let Harrison know that she'd found "the one," and became the first woman to officially "blow up The Bachelorette," in the words of the reality show host. Read on to find out just how lovebirds Clare Crawley and Dale Moss made further history in the Bachelor Nation.

Dale Moss broke new ground on The Bachelorette

The love story between Clare Crawley and Dale Moss was not just reality TV working its entertainment value magic. Rather, The Bachelorette has something that appears very real. Sure, their engagement was fun to watch, and Clare made history by becoming the first bachelorette to fall in love and make her choice only weeks into her season. However, Dale made Bachelor Nation history in his own right for two reasons. 

First, Dale became the first contestant to propose to a bachelorette after only a few weeks! He further broke new ground because he was the first Black man or woman to win in the series' history. After all these seasons, the hit reality series is finally starting to become more diverse. Back in June 2020, CNN reported that more than 50,000 people signed a petition pushing for ABC to act to "address a lack of diversity on the reality dating franchise."

Dale and Clare made history on The Bachelorette in multiple ways — both in romance and in representation — and they sure looked happy doing it.