Is Amber Bowles From Married At First Sight Dating Anyone?

Amber Bowles appeared on Season 9 of Married at First Sight, which took place in North Carolina. Amber, a teacher, got matched up with an international basketball player Matt Gwynne, who was ready to settle down after years of growing his career overseas. The two hit it off on their honeymoon (not only did they discover common interests, but they also hooked up), and fans had high hopes for their romance. But their marriage was far from perfect —  Matt, for instance, would regularly not come to their shared apartment, and there were allegations that he was pursuing other women. Amber would break down during these moments as she struggles with abandonment issues due to her parents' divorce. She also had concerns about Matt's professional aspirations, since the goals for his new business weren't so clear.

Sufficed to say, Amber and Matt did not stay together on Decision Day. Amber later discussed on multiple podcasts how she had to chase down Matt to get a divorce, with the former basketball player supposedly refusing to sign divorce papers for whatever reason. He finally acknowledged the documents sometime during July 2020, as Amber had filed an "absolute divorce." The teacher revealed during an appearance on the podcast of fellow cast member Elizabeth Bice that she'd be divorced by September 2020.

So now that Amber is officially divorced, it's fair to wonder whether she has a new guy in her life. Here's what we know about the reality star's dating status. 

Amber Bowles has moved on with someone new

Amber Bowles revealed in spring 2020 that she found a new boyfriend — a fellow Charlotte resident named A. Wade who works at a local news station. "Happpppiest of birthdays to the kindest, most patient person I know," she captioned a series of photos of the pair, per Reality TV World. "Our time has been an adventure, and I'm so thankful I get to be a part of it." The post has since been deleted, and as of December 2020, there's one photo of Wade left on her page. "Thank you to my favorite veteran," she captioned a November 2020 shot with her guy, who she met on Hinge.

Interestingly enough, there's Wade has a connection to Amber's ex-husband, Matt Gwynne. As Amber explained during a November 2020 appearance on The Domenick Nati Show, Matt was supposedly dating two women — one from her apartment complex and one from Wade's. "Every time I would be in my apartment pool, I would see him, and every time I would be in my boyfriend's apartment pool, I would see him," she lamented. "It's like I couldn't escape him for a whole summer. It was awful." Yikes.

As for whether Amber thinks Wade is the one, she's playing it safe for now. "I feel like there's no rush, because I've done that once," she said on the topic of marriage. Whatever happens, we wish Amber the best!