What Miley Cyrus Regrets About Bangerz

On Dec. 4, 2020, Miley Cyrus unleashed her '80s rock-embracing new album Plastic Hearts into the world, and the verdict is: "We Can't Stop" listening! From her simmering collaboration with Dua Lipa on "Prisoner" to the victorious "Midnight Sky" (with Mark Ronson behind the soundboard) — Plastic Hearts is a shining moment for Miley, who hasn't always had it easy finding her place in the pop elite. But don't take it from us. The album hit No. 1 on the Billboard rock chart and holds a solid 75 on Metacritic. In other words, the rocking release from the former Disney Channel star is a hit with the critics. And it's fair to say the album has more respect than her past work, including Bangerz.

Back in 2013, if you don't remember (or are still trying to forget), Miley was marching, or twerking, to the beat of a different drum. Her fourth studio album, Bangerz, was a salacious, dubstep-driven party-fest that seemed to generate more headlines than hits. Remember that VMA's performance? Or the woozy "We Can't Stop" music video? Sure, Bangerz had some epic songs. Who hasn't belted out "Wrecking Ball" at karaoke? But years later, and with a more mature and realized LP making waves, Miley also feels that album didn't represent her best. Having worked toward sobriety through a perhaps creativity-dampening marriage, as well as the highs and lows of fame, she's emerged from 2020 with a refreshed perspective that's clear in her interviews. 

Keep on scrolling for what Miley Cyrus now has to say about Bangerz, as well as her about that period. 

Did 'Bangerz' get lost in pop culture?

So what is Miley Cyrus now saying about Bangerz? In her December 2020 Rolling Stone cover story, the star acknowledged that she's putting music at the forefront. Unlike, perhaps, back then. "I think that I'm really embracing ... that the music is a priority right now," she told the outlet. "... all those things from that era, especially with Bangerz, the pop-culture moments almost eclipse the music itself. I guess I'm just in love with the fact that for once it feels like it's really focused on the music, and I think I felt that I almost took some blame for the distraction sometimes."

She added, "I remember comments saying, 'Why the f*** do you distract everybody with getting naked and shaking your a** when you're a f****** talented-a** singer?' ... I love show business. I love entertainment. I love pop culture. I love unforgettable moments. I think there was a balance..." She continued, "On 'Wrecking Ball,' You don't think of me looking directly into the camera, breaking the wall, crying, reaching out. You remember me getting naked ... sexuality, for lack of a better word, trumps art." That's a blunt way to put it, but definitely a refreshing outlook from Miley Cyrus.

However, the star clarified, "During Dead Petz, [I was] discrediting Bangerz. During Bangerz, discrediting Hannah Montana. During 'Malibu,' discrediting Bangerz. It's almost like when I have evolved, I've then become shameful of who I was before. What makes you an adult, I think, is being OK with who you've been before." Preach, Miley!