90 Day Fiance: How Julia Really Feels About Brandon's Mom's Rules

While the 90 Day Fiancé TLC franchise expands, its current Season 8 stars are already feeling some growing pains. New couple Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have caused a stir amongst 90 Day Fiancé fans, who can't help but roll their eyes at the engaged duo's silly disagreements. The biggest issue? Brandon's overbearing mother's house rules. 

As with most 90 Day Fiancé couples, the cultural clash between these international lovebirds is only the beginning. Russian-born Julia worked as a go-go dancer before catching Virginia-based Brandon's eye. Brandon lives with his parents on a working farm in Dinwiddie, Va., and they expect Julia to accompany him in farm work, per Us WeeklyThe couple plan on spending their 90 days with Brandon's parents to save money before tying the knot and presumably moving out. 

The only catch? According to Brandon, his mother Betty is "a little controlling," as reported by ScreenRantSo controlling, in fact, that Betty is demanding Julia change her lifestyle. Keep scrolling to find out what exactly Brandon's mother's rules for Julia are, and how Julia feels about the changes! 

Julia must stay in a separate room and be on birth control

After Julia Trubkina arrived in the U.S. from Russia, her fiancé Brandon Gibbs' mom Betty suggested a weekend in nearby Washington, D.C. to acquaint Julia with American culture. Yet quickly over dinner, Betty announced that Julia will have to sleep in a separate room from Brandon once they get back to the farm in Virginia. Brandon silently let his mother do his bidding, and Julia voiced that she hoped Brandon would support her and want to stay in the same bedroom with her. 

Per TV Insider episode recap, Julia privately complained about the sleeping arrangements to Brandon, but he emphasized that they need to keep his parents happy since they paid for Julia's flight to America. Brandon also needs to save money to start their married lives together. 

Julia repeatedly asked Brandon to try to change her future mother-in-law's mind, but Betty is steadfast in her decision. "Our house, our rules," Betty responded, per In Touch WeeklyShe even asked Julia if she's being careful not to get pregnant, but Julia stressed that it's her body and she can't be forced to take birth control. In a teaser trailer for the season, audiences even see Julia taking a pregnancy test later! Maybe Julia will find a way around Betty's rules after all...