RHOP: Why Wendy Osefo And Her In-Laws Don't Get Along

Wendy Osefo, the newest housewife in Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, came on the show with one of the most distinguished resumes in housewives history. Fans of the show are well aware of how proud the Nigerian-American reality star is of her four college degrees. Wendy's time in college helped land her some impressive jobs — she's a professor at John Hopkins University and works as a political commentator on a number of networks, including Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, as noted by her website. In addition to her impressive career catalog, she's also a full-time wife and mother to her three children, sons Karter and Kruz, and daughter Kamryn.

Wendy's husband, Edward Osefo, is also Nigerian and works as a lawyer. The two met as teens and fell in love during their time in college, Screen Rant reported. While on RHOP, Wendy and Eddie opened up about their Romeo and Juliet-inspired love story. "His mama don't like me," Wendy shared. The couple informed the group of their family fallout, which they said was over Wendy's mother being a female chief. They went on to recall how Eddie's mother refused to attend their wedding or meet her grandchildren. The Bravo star even admitted that she would never forgive Eddie's mother for hurting her husband. In episode 12, cameras captured the disappointment Eddie expressed when his family skipped out on attending their Sip and See party for their daughter. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Wendy Osefo's cease-and-desist

After sharing her family drama on The Real Housewives of Potomac, things only got worse between Wendy Osefo and her in-laws. Shortly after the Sip and See episode aired, one of Edward Osefo's family members reached out to All About The Tea to share their side on why the two families don't get along. 

The unnamed relative accused Wendy of coming from a cursed bloodline in Nigeria that left her family's tribe allegedly shunned by the other villagers. Not only that, but the family member claimed that Wendy was swimming in millions of dollars of student loan debt and only went on RHOP because she "need that [Bravo check]." They also claimed that she was "one of the lowest paid part-time professors at John Hopkins." 

As a result of scathing tell-all, Wendy issued a cease-and-desist letter to her husband's family, Cheat Sheet reported. Her documents called out her sisters-in-law as the likely anonymous sources. She accused them of being "extremely angry and vindictive people" who have "spread lies and false claims" about her family throughout the entirety of her 10-year marriage to their brother. Housewives fans are used to watching family drama and catfights on screen, but Wendy is trying to manage to keep her family drama mostly away from the show.