Hollywood Hunks Who Seem To Get Better With Age

When it comes to being a successful star in the entertainment industry — the kind that is offered enviable opportunities, makes millions of dollars, and find themselves with countless fans around the world — being young and beautiful can be the ticket to breaking into the business. However, you can also enjoy a fruitful career in show business if you're not-so-young but are still beautiful.

ATTN: notes that while "Hollywood is known for imposing ridiculous beauty standards on women, [m]ale actors are also facing body-image pressure," which is apparently "an overlooked reality for men in this line of work." That's why some older dudes who lose their attractive edge may unfortunately find themselves losing gigs. However, hot older dudes have always been able to pick up gigs and make fans swoon. These days, it's not unusual for audiences to find themselves fangirling and fanboying over men who are in their 50s, 60s, and even their 70s – whether they're into fellas who appear to defy the aging process and are just as attractively spry as ever, or appreciate men who are able to embrace their salt-and-pepper stage.

Frankly, "some men are like wine," according to Bored Panda. What does that mean? Well, the older they get, the more they have to offer to those who are interested in them (or who are downright drooling with thirst). Let's check out the Hollywood hunks who only seem to get better with age.

Josh Brolin's naked pic proves he's still super fit

Josh Brolin has been a crush-worthy star ever since he appeared in The Goonies as Brand, the older brother who ends up on a treasure-seeking adventure with his younger sibling and his friends. Throughout the years, he's kept pretty busy, but made quite the splash again when he popped up as Thanos in the Avengers movies.

That was followed by a December 2020 Instagram post of the 50-something star casually drinking a coffee outside while naked. The eye-popping image "prove[d] he is still every inch the Hollywood heartthrob," according to the Daily Mail. The actor himself captioned the photo — which was taken by his wife, designer and photographer Kathryn Brolin — by writing, "At the end of the day a life will judged by how often you were naked. Nobody told they meant metaphorically."

While fellow Marvel star Taika Waititi was apparently amused by the pic — that is, commented with a trio of laughing emojis — Dax Shepard noted, "Phenomenal quad structure. Not over-the-top or cartoonish, yet clearly packing some torque." While that's certainly true, some fans didn't quite see the photo that way. For instance, one admirer wrote, "Holy moly," which, to be honest, is a fair if simple reaction. Another follower offered up a reminder for the nude star, writing, "Just make sure you use sunscreen!" That's always a good thing to keep in mind, especially if you're into enjoying a cuppa Joe with your bits out.

Denzel Washington will 'never NOT be sexy'

Denzel Washington may be in his mid-60s, as of this writing, but the actor — who was deemed People's sexiest man alive back in 1996 — is still an incredibly hunky man. Frankly, he's been so consistently good-looking for so many years, that PopSugar stated that he'll "never NOT be sexy as hell."

Indeed, plenty of people "look at Denzel as the perfect specimen of a man. He seems to be a man for all seasons, the life of every party. The dutiful man of lore, ... Prince Charming," Jimi Izrael, author of The Denzel Principle, explained to GQ. Due to the fact that Washington "chooses such iconic roles" — like the title role in 1992's Malcolm X and Rubin Carter in 1999's The Hurricane — "he never branches out and plays a douchebag of any flavor. When the only portrait the public sees of you is perfection, people begin to believe your onscreen persona is who you are in real life." That seems to be true, as PopSugar also noted that the actor's "roles have been extremely bada**, giving him that whole sexy protector vibe."

However, Washington did tone his sexiness down a notch for his role in 2017's legal drama, Roman J. Israel, Esq., which The Cut noted was just one example of "handsome actors bravely becom[ing] slightly less handsome for movie roles." Granted, that look didn't last for long, and Washington soon went back to his super suave real-life ways.

Pierce Brosnan's camera-worthy good-looks keep him in demand

Pierce Brosnan's hotness has landed him plenty of sizzling roles over the years, like the starring gig on Remington Steele from 1982 until 1987, not to mention his job playing the iconic James Bond from 1995 to 2002 (in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day). He's also popped up onscreen as a sexy art thief in the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, and played one of the three men who get a little musical in 2008's Mamma Mia!.

As time has gone on, things haven't slowed down for this in-demand actor. Brosnan's still keeping busy — which may be in part because he's still so good-looking. Back in 2001, Brosnan earned one of Hollywood's most-coveted honors (at least for anyone who values their aesthetic appeal) when People deemed him to be the "Sexiest Man Alive" that year. While fans who find themselves lusting after the star surely agreed at the time, they may have also been on board when the New York Post noted that he was "still hot 15 years after" being given the honor. That was followed by a 2018 piece from USA Today titled, "Pierce Brosnan, sexy and 65." 

If film executives are ever looking for someone to play an older James Bond, we know who to call!

Only Jeffrey Dean Morgan could make zombie kissing 'kinda hot'

If you've had a crush on Jeffrey Dean Morgan for longer than you can remember, that's totally justifiable thanks to his attractive ways. As PopSugar explained in 2017, the mid-50s star "has been making us cry (remember [Grey's Anatomy patient and love interest] Denny Duquette?) and swoon with his lovable and sexy characters for years now." And while the outlet acknowledges that "we all know he can steal a scene on screen, he's also insanely gorgeous in his everyday life."

In fact, in February 2020, NME noted that Morgan had done a scene on The Walking Dead which saw him "sleep[ing] with a zombie mask-wearing leader." When his wife, fellow star Hilarie Burton Morgan, saw it, she took to Instagram to write, "This scene!!! Ol' daddy has a way of looking at a gal, and it is CUTE! Only YOU could have made that situation kinda hot, @jeffreydeanmorgan! Hahahaha. Prepping my own zombie flesh mask now."

Beyond that, although he doesn't seem to have an Instagram account of his own, Morgan's adoring spouse obviously does, and when she posts pics of her hubby, she gets plenty of comments about how cute or gorgeous they are. The One Tree Hill alum also gets responses like this message left by a follower, telling her: "Your husband sexy as hell. His smile does something to me but you're my girl and he's all yours." We're sure Hilarie is happy to hear that.

Were YOU attracted to Mads Mikkelsen's killer role?

Mads Mikkelsen has attracted and repulsed viewers over the years with his varied — and usually intense — roles. You likely didn't feel the same way about him as the villainous Le Chiffre from Casino Royale, as you did about his brilliant Rogue One character, Galen Erso. And honestly, how freaked out were you by his portrayal of a forensic psychiatrist and human-eater on Hannibal? Granted, part of the star's charm is that he is an undeniably unique man. On top of that, plenty of people think that Mikkelsen (who's in his mid-50s, as of writing) is just getting better with age.

In 2013, The Star noted that Mikkelsen even managed to "[bring] sexuality to [his] Hannibal Lecter role," which is seriously saying something. The Washington Post pointed out that "in and around his native Copenhagen, Mikkelsen is routinely ranked the sexiest man in Denmark by the ladies (and surely some men) who vote on such things."

While the actor never earned People's "Sexiest Man Alive" title, when Blake Shelton was given the honor in 2017, the Toronto Sun felt like Mikkelsen was one of five men who were better choices. Although the publication admitted that it was "a bit of an alternative choice," it noted that "you have to hand it to the Danish actor for making us fall in love with his portrayal of the sick cannibal killer Hannibal." That's one way to look at it ... and him.

Timothy Olyphant is a sizzling salt-and-pepper cowboy

Timothy Olyphant is yet another star who was objectively hot when he was younger and is just getting better with age. Think back and you'll remember how good he looked in HBO's Deadwood, as well as FX's Justified and Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet. Yes, that's right, the star has never lost that certain something (i.e. attractiveness) that has helped him capture so many fans' attention while delivering his onscreen performances.

In a 2019 GQ piece, aptly titled "Timothy Olyphant's Moment Is Now, Then, and Always," the writer who interviewed the actor noted: "You are prepared for a few things when you arrive for dinner with Timothy Olyphant. You suspect he will be handsome. (He is.) You suspect he will carry his handsomeness with the casual, self-possessed indifference that has made him television's go-to cowboy. (He does.)"

When Olyphant popped up on the incredibly popular Star Wars series The Mandalorian in 2020 — at 52 years old — people couldn't stop talking about his good looks. According to Vulture, "The Mandalorian ... provides a gift [we] didn't even know [we] wanted: Timothy Olyphant, in all his magnificent salt-and-pepper glory, as the marshal of a nearly abandoned Tatooine mining town called Mos Pelgos named Cobb Vanth." Indeed, Den of Geek explained its reasoning for naming him "TV's Best Marshal" by noting that at this point in his life, "Olyphant has crystallized his image as the tough, slightly cocky, strong-jawed lawman who's not afraid to get his hands dirty."

Jeff Goldblum's 'unconventional hotness' hasn't cooled

As long as the internet is around, people will likely enthusiastically share the image of Jeff Goldblum leaning back with his shirt open from Jurassic Park. Of course, some people aren't willing to limit themselves to memes, which is apparently why one artist made a massive art piece of the unforgettable cinematic moment. In order to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary in 2018, a 25-foot statue of Goldblum popped up by London's Tower Bridge. The piece promoted The Cut to ask, "Is it legal for a statue to be this sexy?"

While that still may have been taken years ago, fans still think the star is just as sexy nowadays in his late 60s. The adored actor even recreated the famous image in 2020 in order to encourage people to vote. And although his hair is grey (or is that a sophisticated silver?), Goldblum looked just as good as he did when he was filming the dinosaur flick.

"Just when you thought he'd never look hotter than he did back in the '80s, he goes and shows back up on your screen with salt and pepper hair and those adorably cool round-frame glasses," PopSugar noted in 2018. The outlet also pointed out that the Fly and Independence Day actor "is quirky-sexy," adding that Goldblum "has an unconventional hotness that creeps up on you like, say, a giant velociraptor and then hits you hard like, perhaps, an alien mothership would."

Idris Elba agrees that he's sexy

Idris Elba — who is nearing his 50s, as of writing, but still has a couple of years before he hits that age-related milestone — has always possessed a certain kind of charm that was obviously enough to land him career-making roles. However, these days, he's matured in a way that's simply ridiculously hot. That's why Elba was named the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People in 2018 when he was 46 years old. He talked about finding out that he'd been given the title, saying, "I was like, 'Come on, no way. Really?' Looked in the mirror, I checked myself out. I was like, 'Yeah, you are kind of sexy today.'" Elba added that "it was a nice surprise — an ego boost for sure." He also told The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that his "mom [was] going to be very, very proud." Aw!

According to The Oprah Magazine, the honor "finally recognized what [fans have] known all these years: Elba has always been handsome." The publication pointed out that "he's never not sizzled, from his early days playing Stringer Bell in HBO's The Wire to his most recent roles in the Thor and Avengers franchises." And honestly? We can't disagree.

When Elba didn't earn the title the next year, he jokingly told CNN, "I am doing OK. You have to understand, it says the 'Sexiest Man Alive.' As long as I am alive, I am still the sexiest right? So, there you go."

Brad Pitt hasn't lost his hunkiness over the years

If you are a longtime and adoring fan of Brad Pitt (who's nearing his late 50s, as of this writing), then there's no doubt that you appreciate the fact that People decided that he was the "Sexiest Man Alive" not once, but twice! Per People, he received the honor in 1995, "[f]ollowing the one-two punch of Legends of the Fall and Interview with the Vampire." He was then called the "man of the millennium" when he earned the title again in 2000

Pitt's ongoing appeal may have to do with the fact that he's gone "from shirtless hunk to hot dad," according to SheKnowsPopSugar claims that he has "lifelong hotness." Indeed, thanks to "his early days as a criminal cowboy in 1991's Thelma and Louise to his starring roles in Fight Club, Ocean's Eleven, World War Z, Fury, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," Pitt "has conquered the movie industry and is — and likely always will be — one of the sexiest stars in the universe."

Granted, Pitt also looks good when he's not onscreen. For instance, "The Oscar-winning actor looked ruggedly refined while helping distribute groceries in South Central Los Angeles," per Harper's Bazaar, "with his hair tossed effortlessly to one side, its blond hue possibly highlighted by the sun's own rays." Alongside Pitt's perfectly on-point casual outfit at the time, it's easy to understand why the star's fans still think he's crush-worthy after all of these years.

George Clooney wants to earn a third 'Sexiest Man Alive' title

George Clooney was also named the "Sexiest Man Alive" twice, thanks to the fact that People apparently finds him a swoon-worthy star. The first time was in 1997 when his "pals gushed about not only his looks, but also about his loyalty." When he found himself in the same position nearly a decade later in 2006, the actor, who was still single at the time, admitted, "I don't go on that many dates." While it's hard to imagine that he didn't have plenty of potential partners near and far, Clooney eventually settled down with his equally gorgeous wife, international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, in 2014.

Unfortunately, the star's marriage "was a bummer for many single ladies," according to AARP, who gave him the top spot in their 2015 list of the "21 Sexiest Men Over 50." Calling him "the world's most drool-worthy bachelor" in the past, the publication noted that he "manages to look even sexier with gray hair." That's also why — as Clooney's about to hit his 60s, as of this writing – Shared also pointed out that he "is a prime example of silver fox style done right."

Considering the star is aging so well, we wouldn't be surprised if he happened to do something no one else has ever done. In December 2020, Clooney talked about his "Sexiest Man Alive" wins with ET Canada and explained that he's "lobbying for a third one. No one's ever won three." Let's make that happen, People!

Keanu Reeves' good looks are timeless

Keanu Reeves may be in his mid-50s, at the time of this writing, but he's also the kind of star who is simply timeless. That not only refers to how he's been appealing to movie fans for years, but also to the fact that he may have been around for longer than we realized. That is, if you believe the memes that pop up about him being immortal, which are admittedly understandable considering he still looks so fantastic. Elle explained that Reeves has "been around, looking beautiful and seeming kind, since we first met him in the mid-'80s." The outlet also included a gallery that showed visual "proof: 35 years of Keanu Reeves looking like the treasure that he is."

Reeves is also another star who's been named one of People's "Sexiest Men Alive." However, his honor was somewhat delayed: The magazine didn't choose anyone in 1994, but in 2015, decided to retroactively give the title to the Speed star.

Beyond that, Marie Claire tackled some serious work when it took on the question, "Exactly how hot is Keanu Reeves?" in 2019. "A formal poll of the Marie Claire office showed overwhelming support for Keanu's hotness," the publication noted, adding that thanks to certain beloved aspects of his personality, "attraction for Keanu transcends the physical." But, if we're going to be honest, a large part of it (like a lot of it) is definitely physical.