Inside Danielle And Kevin Jonas' Marriage

The Jonas Brothers have come a long way since their beginnings on the Disney Channel. All of them are married men with three kids between them, as of this writing, and five studio albums released from 2006 to 2019. In that time, this pop-rock trio wasn't able to avoid family drama — which would eventually lead Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas to announce they were splitting up in 2013.

Fans would later learn that the admitted "deep rift within the band" ran deeper than creative differences. The Jonas Brothers didn't speak to each other for some time, per Joe's 2016 Reddit AMA, and spent the next six years focusing on their personal lives and pursuing solo endeavors. They would, of course, make their grand comeback with 2019's hit song, "Sucker." As Kevin told HuffPost Live of their mended relationships, "I think that's why we're close now, because we're not in the band. We chose to be a family, not a band."

As the band's guitarist and backup vocalist, it could be argued that Kevin's the most mysterious member of the Jonas Brothers, partly because he hasn't pursued a solo music career in the spotlight. But luckily, Kevin had an ally to lean on during the difficult times — his wife, Moments jewelry company owner Danielle Jonas. Let's take a look inside their marriage (hopefully you like dessert, because this couple is about as sweet as apple pie.).

Danielle and Kevin Jonas' sibling setup in the Bahamas

Danielle and Kevin Jonas both hail from New Jersey, but they didn't meet there. Rather, the story of their meet-cute is made for a TV movie. The future spouses were on separate family vacations in the Bahamas back in 2007 when their paths first crossed. But don't think that Danielle — a hairdresser at the time — fell head over heels for the rock star right off the bat.

"At the time, it was early enough in our career that we weren't really in a place where people were coming up to us," Kevin told in 2012. "When I met Danielle, I was the one that was pursuing her most of the time and I didn't want her out of my sight. She actually ran away twice." Ouch! That had to hurt. But Danielle explained her logic to the site: "He lived in LA, and I was on family vacation. I thought, 'I'm never going to see this kid again, so why would I spend time away from my family while we're on vacation?'" 

That actually makes a lot of sense. But sometimes, siblings know best. "I had to get her number through the sister, can you believe that?!" Kevin said. Meanwhile, Nick and Joe Jonas supported the blossoming romance, too, as evidenced by footage in their 2019 documentary, Chasing Happiness, featuring the two teasing Kevin and predicting Danielle would become his wife (via Bustle).

A romantic surprise on Danielle Jonas' doorstep

Danielle and Kevin Jonas got engaged in 2009, after about two years of dating. By that time, the Jonas Brothers were definitely household names — meaning that Kevin could've proposed in the most extravagant way his mind could imagine. For example, the guitarist-singer could've brought his future bride on stage during a show, declare his love for her in front of thousands of adoring fans, and pop the question. However, Kevin took on a much more private and intimate approach

People reports that the eldest Jonas brother simply went to Danielle's house in New Jersey and dropped to his knee on her doorstep. "It was tough performing last night, knowing that I was going to ask the biggest question in my life to the most amazing girl in the world," Kevin told the magazine (cue a chorus of "awws"). Unsurprisingly, the pop-rocker's plan worked. "She said yes, yes, yes like 500 times super fast in a row," Kevin continued, while Danielle said at the time, "It still feels like a dream." As for her engagement ring? The outlet notes that it was "a cushion-cut diamond that [Kevin] designed with Jacob & Co."

Inside Danielle and Kevin Jonas' fairytale white wedding

Danielle and Kevin Jonas got married at one of the most exclusive venues in the tri-state area — Long Island's Oheka Castle in Huntington, NY — on Dec. 19, 2010. True to the couple's classic and elegant style, the event was reportedly like a fairytale set in a "winter wonderland," complete with a snowstorm that event planner Michael Russo told People only enhanced the ambiance. Danielle wore a Chantilly lace Vera Wang gown, with Russo telling the outlet that she "looked like a princess," and adding that "Kevin couldn't stop smiling."

The couple invited 400 guests to celebrate their big day with them, including fellow Disney Channel star Demi Lovato. Meanwhile, brothers and bandmates Nick and Joe Jonas served as co-best men for Kevin, and each gave a toast. "We're so happy that we're finally married and we were able to share the special moment with family, friends and loved ones," the happy newlyweds told People at the time. Russo added, "Kevin has said many times he feels like he met his princess. To see them together you can feel the warmth and the love all around them. They are just perfect for each other." 

There was no way to know it at the time, but Kevin and Danielle's extravagant affair ended up being pretty understated compared to Joe and Nick's future weddings, as documented by The New York Times.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas started sharing the spotlight

A year before the Jonas Brothers announced they were (temporarily) breaking up the band, Danielle and Kevin Jonas decided to step into the spotlight together with reality TV show Married To Jonas, which premiered on E! in 2012. While speaking with, Kevin revealed that the televised opportunity appeared while he was in meetings about doing hosting gigs for the network — and Danielle agreed to go on the adventure. Then two years into their marriage, the couple felt like they had a strong foundation that a reality show wouldn't shake. 

"We had a good time doing it, and learned a bit more about ourselves too," Kevin said. "Plus, we're doing it with our families, so it's not like it's just two people stuck in a room driving each other nuts." Kevin and Danielle's story has been compared to fairytales — partly because Danielle had a "normal" job when she met the up-and-coming Disney rock star and was content to play a supportive role in his life. "I don't need for everyone to know me, or to know me as much as they know him," Danielle explained. "I feel like, I just want to see his goals come out and his career be huge."

This attitude might be part of the reason their marriage has long outlasted the show (which aired for two seasons) — very much unlike Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's three-year marriage, which ended shortly after wrapping their similar mega-hit reality show, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, per E!.

Kevin Jonas traded Hollywood for a hardhat

Nick and Joe Jonas continued to pursue showbiz careers following the Jonas Brothers' split in 2013. In addition to his self-titled 2014 solo debut, Nick acted on TV in Scream Queens and Kingdom, and nabbed a starring role in the Jumanji films; Joe voiced a character in Hotel Transylvania 3, and formed the band DNCE (best known for its hit debut single, "Cake By the Ocean"). But for his part, Kevin Jonas basically stayed away from the entertainment industry all together over the next six years.

Aside from a stint on The Celebrity Apprentice in early 2015, Kevin not only started a family with wife Danielle Jonas, but also launched a construction business called Jonas Werner Fine Custom Homes. The company's first project? Building the family's (first) dream home in New Jersey in 2016 (it was sold for $2.25 million two years later, per the Los Angeles Times). However, Kevin did make a cameo on The Real Housewives of New Jersey during a Season 6 episode in his new occupation, when the company built a home for cast member Kathy Wakile. Per Heavy, Kathy's sister, Rosie, asked Kevin, "Don't you sing or something?" To which he replied: "That was my day job. Now I'm doing this." This led Rosie to quip, "Who's next to design their landscaping? 'NSync? Let's get Lance Bass in on this s**t!" Oof.

It's unclear whether the company is still in business.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas built the perfect home again and again

Collectively, all three members of the Jonas Brothers have quite an extensive history with real estate, as noted by Love Property. While Kevin, Joe, and Nick all have had homes in Texas, California, and New York over the years, the eldest Jonas bro and wife Danielle Jonas have preferred to stay in New Jersey, where they both grew up. 

However, even though this adorable family of four have stayed in one state, Kevin and Danielle sure move their brood around quite a bit. As of early 2018, they had moved three times in five years, per the Daily Record — presumably because of Kevin's experience as an entrepreneur in the construction business, which means that he can have luxury homes designed and built for his family rather quickly.

Joshua Baris of Coldwell Banker listed a property for this particular Jonas family in 2018, and told Daily Record that Kevin and Danielle (unsurprisingly) planned to "stay in the area." As for why Kevin's family keeps moving, Baris explained, "My experience with custom builders is that once they build, they look for another project." Baris also praised the craftsmanship of the house on the market, noting, "The attention to detail is breathtaking."

Danielle and Kevin Jonas shared some great expectations

The Jonas Brothers were once infamous in Hollywood for a reason that had nothing to do with their talent — their purity rings. Joe and Nick Jonas have been open about the fact that they lost their virginity before marrying their wives, respectively tying the knot with actress Sophie Turner and marrying actress Priyanka Chopra. While Joe named names during his Reddit AMA (via Billboard), telling a story about how he lost his virginity to a woman named Ashley (presumably Twilight's Ashley Greene), Nick quipped on The Wendy Williams Show in 2014 that he was an "adult in all ways."

Though the Jonas Brothers revealed on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2019 that Kevin Jonas physically took his ring off first, he and wife Danielle Jonas presumably did wait until marriage to have sex. In 2011, he talked about his first time at a press conference (via HuffPost): "To be honest about it, sex was not worth the wait ... After we did it, I was kind of like, that's it?" As for what Danielle thought? Kevin said of his wife, "That's what she said." 

Of course, the married pair liked doing the deed enough to have daughters Alena Rose and Valentina Angelina Jonas in 2014 and 2016, respectively — complete with some unique gender reveals shared on social media.

Living through the Jonas family feud

Though the band has thankfully healed old wounds, the Jonas Brothers' breakup clearly wasn't a clean one. This is especially sad because, as their name says, they are brothers. As previously mentioned, Danielle and Kevin Jonas welcomed daughters Alena and Valentina while the band was apart — and while Uncles Joe and Nick did meet their first niece, Alena, shortly after she was born in February 2014, the Jonas Brothers revealed in their 2019 documentary, Chasing Happiness (per Bustle), that they weren't on good terms at the time.

Not to mention, during their time apart, Joe and Nick also performed some of the band's songs together — without Kevin — at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash in 2013. Revealing how much that hurt him in Chasing Happiness, Kevin said, "I think that may have been the hardest moment in my entire life." Joe even went so far as to admit that he and Nick thought Kevin was "holding [them] back" at the time, because he was more focused on his family life than his career. 

While Joe confessed that this logic was "f**ked up," we're happy to know that Kevin had such a strong and loving partner in wife Danielle Jonas while living through the Jonas family feud. For her part, Danielle couldn't be happier now that the band is back in action, telling E!, "Seeing Kevin on stage again and seeing that smile he always had ... he's truly having the best time of his life. It feels very good to see that."

How Danielle and Kevin Jonas are raising daddy's biggest fans

Since Danielle and Kevin Jonas' daughters, Alena and Valentina Jonas, were born during the time that the Jonas Brothers weren't performing (and Kevin wasn't in the entertainment industry), they haven't grown accustomed to fame like some celebrity kids. 

In 2019, Kevin told Entertainment Weekly that his girls were a big part of the reason he said "yes" to the band's reunion when Nick Jonas proposed it. "We broke up as a band and about two months later me and Danielle had our first daughter Alena. She never experienced the Jonas Brothers," he said. "At this point she's probably three or four years old when we're having this conversation. I just looked down at her sitting in the room while we were having this conversation and it was one of those moments of, 'I need her to experience that. If it's not for me, it's for them.' That was the moment I realized how badly I did miss it." (Aww! We're not teary-eyed reading that quote, you are!)

Kevin clearly made a good choice. "Oh my gosh, they're so proud of them," Danielle told E! about her daughters watching their dad and uncles perform live. "They'll be by the stage and they'll be waving to them and if they don't get a wave, they'll look at me and say, 'Why are they not waving?' I'll say, 'They're looking at a lot of people right now but they love you.'" Alena and Valentina are the biggest JoBros fans. Period.