This Surprising NFL Star Will Be Jeopardy's Next Guest Host

Jeopardy is set to shake things up after Alex Trebek's death in November 2020. Besides hiring new guest host Ken Jennings, the trivia show — which premiered in 1984 — will give viewers new reasons to tune in by inviting other notable celebrities and athletes to guest host. Among those new guest hosts is Aaron Rodgers. Yes, you read that right. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will guest host an episode of Jeopardy, per CBS Sports

Rodgers has a history with Jeopardy, appearing on Celebrity Jeopardy! in 2015, according to the New York Post. He earned a $50,000 donation to his charity — the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund — and developed a good relationship with the late Trebek. Rodgers was "starstruck" when he met Trebek and was "trying to keep it together" when he appeared on the show, as he recalled to The Athletic.

The opportunity would allow for Rodgers to pay tribute to Trebek (who hosted the show for 37 seasons and was a legend in his own right), something Rodgers touched on during his announcement. 

Aaron Rodgers is excited about hosting Jeopardy!

Aaron Rodgers confirmed his Jeopardy guest-hosting gig during a Jan. 12, 2021, episode of The Pat McAfee Show. "One of my idols growing up was Alex Trebek," Rodgers told McAfee. "...They're doing some guest-hosting spots. It's going to be released very soon, but I had the opportunity to do one of those."

Rodgers added that he was "excited about the opportunity" because he loved being a contestant on the show years ago. He even joked that his wardrobe choice at the time "wasn't the greatest," to which McAfee responded by saying, "everybody dresses very bad on that show." (For the record, Rodgers wore a navy blue cardigan over a light blue dress shirt.) McAfee then asked Rodgers if he caught Ken Jennings' episode on Jan. 11 — the first show back since Trebek's death. "I didn't see Ken last night," Rodgers said. "I was watching some film and checked in on college football championships."

No release date has been announced for Rodger's episode as of this writing, but when he does grace the Jeopardy set, we have a feeling he'll have picked out a better outfit than last time.