Javicia Leslie: How Much Is The Batwoman Actress Worth?

After one season of Batwoman on the CW, leading lady Ruby Rose announced her departure from the series, leaving the network in a sticky situation. Luckily for fans of the DC comic, Rose's abrupt departure meant history could be made with the first Black actress to play Batwoman.

According to Yahoo News!, Javicia Leslie was picked after attending a pop-up event in Los Angeles, only having lived in the city for a month at the time. Leslie joined the Batwoman series in season two, but not as Rose's character of Kate Kane; the actress starts her own storyline as Ryan Wilder, a seemingly more hardcore character than Kate Kane.

Despite being picked for the role by chance, don't underestimate the actress behind Ryan Wilder — who, by the way, does all of her own stunts. Leslie, born in Germany, began acting at a young age after moving to the U.S., according to IMDb. The actress' big break came in 2018 with a starring role in BET's original series The Family Business. That same year, Leslie landed a part in God Friended Me on CBS as a series regular. With her role in Batwoman, the actress is set to become even bigger.

So how much is Batwoman worth? Quite possibly a few million. Here's what we know. 

Javicia Leslie just wants to prove anyone can be a superhero

Despite only being able to imagine what it would be like to save Gotham City, we can find out how much the actors and actresses get paid to play iconic characters like Batman and Batwoman.

For season one of The CW's Batwoman, actress Ruby Rose reportedly made $60,000 to $75,000 per episode (via Syfy Wire) —  not a bad paycheck for saving the city! As actress Javicia Leslie takes on the title of batwoman, with the added historical first of being the first Black actress to take the role, we're hoping she makes just as much. Her past acting chops have already seemingly proved a great fortune for the actress.

According to Parade, Javicia Leslie has a net worth of a whopping $7 million. With the new Batwoman role, Leslie might be looking at a future eight-digit net worth.

"I think [audiences are] going to love the character," the actress told the New York Post. "Ryan is a very relatable character, and I look forward to fans seeing themselves in her. I want her to show everybody that anyone can be a superhero." Leslie continued on to share just how lucky she is. "And I get to fly in the air for a living, I get to have fun. That's my life. It's honestly an honor. So really, I just go to work every day happy."