Christine Quinn Reveals One Thing She Has In Common With Carole Baskin

Netflix's Selling Sunset blew up on the streaming giant, becoming the real estate reality TV show we did not know we needed. After all, it has some major curb appeal. Not only do viewers get glimpses of the multi-million dollar housing market of southern California, but the show also offers insight into the ins-and-outs of the private lives of its cast members.

There's Chrishell Stause and her drama with former husband, Justin Hartley. Fans watched as her divorce unfolded with the This is Us star and it was heartbreaking. There's Mary Fitzgerald, who boasts a massive net worth, thanks to her clout as a realtor. There's Amanza Smith, who has got a knack for design, but seems to be late for everything. (Hey girl, same.)

And then there's Christine Quinn. Ah, Christine. Who brings drama better than her? In fact, Christine is such an fiery personality on the show that it's a fair question to ask: Is she liked by her castmates? She's got an intense relationship with Mary. She's got an even more intense relationship with Chrishell. Even Heather Rae Young's fiancé, HGTV star Tarek El Moussa, had some choice words for Christine.

While Christine can bring it in a fight, at least she knows this about herself. In fact, she made a hilarious comparison between herself and another notable Netflix star, Carole Baskin. What do these two gals have in common? Keep reading.

Christine Quinn and Carole Baskin are the villains of TV

Christine Quinn might be the sassiest Gothic princess we have ever met, but hey, at least she knows it. In an interview with The Guardian from December 2020, she spoke about her reputation as one of the more dramatic cast members of Netflix's Selling Sunset.

When asked who the top TV villain of 2020 was, she hilarious noted Carole Baskin, from Netflix's docuseries, Tiger King, who made headlines for rumors about killing her former husband and feeding him to her tigers. But Christine included herself on this list. "Me and Carole Baskin," she said in response. While Christine can joke about it, she has also spoken about how a big part of her characterization on Selling Sunset has to do with editing. 

"I believe I went into Selling Sunset on day one and production had a perception of me. They wanted me to be the villain," Christine told Cosmopolitan UK in a June 2020 interview. "[There's more to me] than that in real life. I want to be happy with how I'm portrayed — I go in and out of being OK with it. Some days it's harder than others."

Christine really is a star at heart and has entertainment on her mind while the cameras are rolling. She added: "It wouldn't be entertaining if we were all nice and sweet to each other. That's not a show worth watching!" You've got that right, girlfriend!