90 Day Fiance: The One Question Deavan Clegg Can't Stand Fans Asking

If there is anything reality TV stars know, it's that life in the public eye is not easy. With fans wanting to know every aspect of your life, it can feel a little intrusive, especially for 90 Day Fiancé star Deavan Clegg. Despite watching their 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2 storyline play out on television, Deavan and her estranged husband, Jihoon Lee, have been going through a very public divorce that is getting "messy," according to In Touch Weekly. "Deavan's lawyer is taking every step possible to make sure he is served and the divorce can be finalized soon so she can officially move on from their relationship," a source told the outlet. 

However, in the midst of her relationship woes with Jihoon, Deavan has moved on to her new boyfriend, Christopher "Topher" Park, who has "step[ped] in as a father figure" to Jihoon and Deavan's son, Taeyang. With all the chatter about her divorce and new relationship, fans are starting to speculate about the next steps in Deavan's life. But, above all others, she cannot stand when fans ask her this one question in particular.

Keep scrolling to find out the single inquiry that always annoys the reality star.

Stop asking Deavan Clegg if she is pregnant

When your relationships are made public, it is only natural for bystanders to wonder where things are headed, but Deavan Clegg is so over people asking her about her future, especially when it comes to her familial goals. Fans began to speculate whether Deavan was expecting again after the reality TV star hosted a live chat on YouTube with her new boyfriend, Christopher "Topher" Park, on Jan. 11, 2021. She was seen covering her stomach the entire time, per TV Show Ace. However, Deavan quickly shot down the rumors, telling her followers she "just ate took much" and was "bloated."

This is not the first time Deavan has faced pregnancy rumors. Back in November 2020, she assured her followers she was not expecting another baby and their questions were not appreciated. "Friendly reminder that I'm not pregnant," she wrote on a selfie shared to her Instagram Story. "Stop asking. It's extremely rude [side eye emoji]," she added. So, for all you Deavan fans out there, stop asking if she is pregnant.