Who Is Tony Goldwyn's Wife?

Dating within their industry is not uncommon for celebrities; the dating pool within Hollywood is so small that a lot of celebrities have dated each other. There are countless famous examples, from Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley to Jessica Biel and Chris Evans, but something that is less common is dating creatives within the industry. One couple who has made it work and have been happily married for 34 years now are Tony Goldwyn and Jane Musky. The actor and his wife have two daughters who were raised in Connecticut, per Fatherly.

Although Goldwyn comes from Hollywood royalty (his father founded Samuel Goldwyn Films) and has starred in television hits like Scandal as President Fitzgerald Grant III, his wife has largely stayed out of the spotlight and only does interviews when it pertains to her work. Musky's approachable quality has kept Goldwyn's infatuated with her throughout their marriage — so much so that he loves to spend time with her whenever he can.

"A 'guys' night out' for me is...being with my wife! Since I'm at work a lot, I want to be with her when I'm home," Goldwyn told Good Housekeeping in 2014. Here's everything you should know about Tony Goldwyn's special lady. 

Tony Goldwyn's wife is a production designer

While Tony Goldwyn has established himself as a well-rounded actor and director in Hollywood, he's not the only one involved in making movie magic. Jane Musky is a production designer and has been involved in designing sets for films such as When Harry Met Sally, The SeagullHustlers, and Ghost, which she worked on with Goldwyn, per IMDb.

Working behind-the-scenes, Musky rarely does interviews, but she was so proud of the work she did for the Jennifer Lopez-produced film Hustlers that she gave an interview with Variety in 2019 where she outlined her vision in creating the set. "It was my choice to make it slick and full of texture," Musky told Variety about designing the strip club, where Hustlers was primarily based and shot in. "When they are stripping, it should look magnificent. It should not be the seedy strip club."

While Musky has not publicly talked about her husband in interviews, Goldwyn could not hide his affection for her and revealed the secret to their long-lasting marriage on the Today Show in Jan. 2019. "Jane is just the most incredible human being that I know," Goldwyn told Today co-host Hoda Kotb. "She is just a very salt of the earth person."

Goldwyn added that he'd known that he found the love of his life at 21 when he first met Musky and has never looked back. Even though they have arguments like any other couple, they are willing to work things out to keep their marriage strong.