Experts Break Down Kamala Harris' Body Language At The Inauguration

On Jan. 20, 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris made history as the first woman, and the first Black woman and person of South Asian descent, to be sworn into this high office. Very few people in history know what this moment must have felt like to experience first-hand, but body language experts watching the new Veep can offer some insight.

"Kamala Harris was all about joy today," Alison Henderson, a body language expert at Moving Image Consulting LLC, told Nicki Swift. "Before she took her oath, there was a moment of joy, taking a deep breath through her nose and opening her eyes wide with a big smile."

Henderson also noted that Vice President Harris was "reserved and calm" during President Biden's speech, and nodded during poet laureate Amanda Gorman's recitation, which indicated she "felt the words very deeply." "She was reluctant to leave the ceremony, exchanging hugs and words with everyone around her," Henderson added.

Harris' joyful attitude seemed even to impact her predecessor, former VP Mike Pence. "Exchanging [words] with [former] Vice President Pence before Pence's exit, Kamala was smiling, relaxed and was perceived as very sincere. Even former Vice President Pence seemed to relax just a bit," Henderson revealed.

Vice President Kamala Harris's body language exuded joy

Body language expert Lauren Cohen, an executive and career coach, also told Nicki Swift that Vice President Kamala Harris seemed to exude happiness in her attitude. "Kamala and Doug [Emhoff] strode in. She paused to take it all in and her ear to ear smiles were apparent even under [her] mask."

The new vice president is extremely expressive, according to Cohen. "Ear-to-ear beaming and totally 'all in.' Her eyes speak volumes. She communicates passion and nodded even as she was listening to her swearing in." Cohen noted that Vice President Harris' exuberance and natural charisma has the potential to draw attention away from President Joe Biden, but that she seemed conscious of maintaining a sense of deference and respect. "VP Harris and President Biden interacted gracefully and naturally. She listened attentively and showed respect."

Cohen also remarked on the clear bond between Vice President Harris and her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. "She also kept wanting to embrace her husband and they appear extremely connected with their eye contact and interactions."