Mary Trump Reveals What She Believes To Be The Worst Day Of Trump's Life

When it came to who had the final word on what Donald Trump was feeling in his final hours as commander-in-chief, perhaps no one quite had an in-depth understanding of the former president's thoughts than his niece, author and psychologist Mary Trump

In a Jan. 19, 2021 interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, the woman behind the Trump family tell-all Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man went on the record to both excoriate the uncle as well as ruminate on what was, in her words, she termed "the worst day of his life."

While many would guess that the Jan. 20, 2021 inauguration of President Joe Biden would be, in actuality, the worst day of Donald Trump's life, it seems that Mary Trump had other ideas. Read on after the jump to find out what Trump's niece opined what it would be. 

Mary Trump called Donald Trump's last day in office the 'worst day' of his life

During a Jan. 19, 2021 interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Mary Trump called Donald Trump's last day in office, and not President Joe Biden's inauguration, "the worst day of his life," after agreeing with Cooper that the now ex-president had finally become what he has always feared the most: "tacitly" a "loser."

"This is probably the worst day of his life because the clock is ticking, and he's running out of time,' said Mary of her uncle with regards to his final hours in the Oval Office. 

She also compared Trump's final speech to his supporters — which, pointedly, was not a concession speech — to remarks he made after the Jan. 6 riots at Capitol Hill, in which he called the right-wing insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol Building "very special" people whom he "love[s]" (via CNN). But that wasn't all she had to say on the matter.

According to Mary Trump, Donald Trump's penultimate address reminded her of his Jan. 6 remarks

In former President Donald Trump's next-to-last address, which was seemingly aimed more towards his supporters than towards the American public at large, per Politico, Trump claimed that his administration "did what we came here to do," which he posited as "[having] reasserted the sacred idea that in America, government answers to the people." He also stated that during his tenure in the White House, "we restored the idea that in America, no one is forgotten — because everyone matters and everyone has a voice."

In response, Mary Trump told Anderson Cooper during her CNN interview that his speech was "reminiscent of one of the videos he made directly after the insurrection ... saying the movement is just beginning, which seems like a bit of a threat to me," referencing the remarks Trump made towards the insurrectionists in comparison with his penultimate words as president.

Mary Trump also remarked that his words served as a precursor to his possible future motives, saying that the ex-president, in her estimation, is "going to do whatever he can or believes he can to change the narrative [of his presidency]," and that despite it all, at least "he's out" of the White House. "[Donald Trump] no longer has the powers and protections of the Oval Office, and he knows it," Mary Trump concluded. 

Mary Trump said that the entire Trump family should be 'shunned'

Mary Trump's most recent remarks about the conclusion to Donald Trump's first (and possibly only) term in the Oval Office haven't been limited to her interview with Anderson Cooper — or, by virtue, to that of Donald Trump alone. The ex-president's niece said in a Jan. 18, 2021 appearance on the podcast MeidasTouch that not only Trump, but all of his children "need to be shut out" of the political sphere in its entirety.

"One of the reasons that I hate them so much is that we have to have conversations about them, which should be absurd. It should be a joke," Trump said, before launching into her explanation as to why she things that the younger generation of the Trump brood — and more specifically Ivanka Trump, who has been rumored to be considering pursuing a career in politics herself — should be barred, unofficially or not, for running for office. 

"It's not just Donald; all of his adult children need to be shut out, contained," Mary Trump continued. "They need to have all of their assets stripped away from them. It all needs to be burned down ... their brand needs to be totally destroyed even more than they've already destroyed it."