90 Day Fiance: What Brandon's Parents Really Do For A Living

Not all is quiet on this 90 Day Fiance farm! As if we needed another reason to roll our eyes at Brandon Gibbs and his parents Ron and Betty, there is another shocking twist. 

Brandon and his Russian fiancé Julia Trubkina have been living on the Gibbs' working farm. Both Ron and Betty expected go-go dancer Julia to help out feeding animals, cleaning, and other chores, but they also have nonsensical rules on top of their demands. First, Brandon and Julia are not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom. Then, they scold Brandon for even spending time with his bride-to-be, accusing Julia of making Brandon lazy

While Julia pleaded to move out from under the thumb of overbearing mother Betty, Brandon has struggled to find his backbone. Even fellow 90 Day stars are fed up with Brandon's flip-flopping! It's clear this couple isn't meant to be, but sources claim the Gibbs are on the show just to promote their disturbing side business. Keep reading to find out what Brandon's parents really do for a living. Let's just say Old MacDonald would not be happy! 

Fans are accusing Brandon Gibbs' parents of running a 'puppy mill'

Fans have watched as Brandon Gibbs' mother Betty has tried to control his fiancee Julia Trubkina, including demanding Julia meet with a gynecologist to discuss birth control, to even providing condoms in her bedroom, per Cheat Sheet. Turns out, Betty is treating Julia like she would her own animals. 

While the Gibbs family do run a farm, they make their living breeding dogs. Fans have spotted the allegedly inhumane living conditions of the dogs on-screen, with one audience member even taking to Reddit to condemn the "cruel" conditions.

Even though Julia repeats on camera that the dogs "live better than many people," fans have a different take about the German Shepherds bred by the Gibbs' farm, Hummingbird Acres. "Reminder for the #90DayFiance fam, RESPONSIBLE dog breeders don't keep their dogs in outdoor cages," a fan tweeted. "[Yet] unfortunately what they're doing isn't illegal. The dogs are classified as livestock by the USDA...The regulations were created 70 years ago and have absolutely not kept up with the times." 

Julia took to social media to defend her in-laws. "Everyone can ask, not make up a story," Julia captioned on Instagram. "Dogs are walked three times a day, sometimes more ... Some dogs live in the house because they want to ... So if you were so worried about the topic, I hope I clarified the situation for you." 

Not really, because nothing is as it seems on this farm.