Who Is Gossip Girl Star Savannah Smith?

Gossip Girl is returning with a reboot in 2021, plus a whole different cast, which means there are fresh faces in the mix. In April 2020, Deadline revealed that Savannah Smith landed one of the lead roles, which is actually her first acting gig. That's right, her IMDb page only has one credit, for now, anyway. Before getting cast on the reboot, Smith had been studying acting at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, which is seemingly still the case. As soon as the news was official, Smith created a Twitter account, posting a screenshot of the Deadline article, writing, "I'm just as new to this as I am to Twitter and I am SO excited!...to be on Twitter :) ." In the midst of shooting for her first big role, Smith is also figuring out this whole Twitter thing, which includes sharing a "good morning" tweet almost every single morning

In January 2019, Smith posted a video of herself singing on Instagram, revealing, "Last night I wrote a song about the audition process and the toll it can take as an artist. I know some of you will and can relate, keep forward loves." A year later, Smith landed the role of Monet de Haan on Gossip Girl, who apparently has some "power" among the Upper East Siders, according to a tease from Instagram. Despite being on that audition grind, Smith has been a relatively private person, but that's very likely to change as soon as the reboot starts.

Savannah Smith is already friends with her 'Gossip Girl' co-stars

In a December 2020 interview with Town and CountryGossip Girl star Savannah Smith revealed that she grew up in Los Angeles, but she didn't share much else, since details surrounding the HBO Max show are still very hush-hush. However, she did remark, "Originally, I thought it was a reboot [of the original Gossip Girl series], but it's an extension—the old characters already exist and we're the new kids in town." Even though Smith is excited for this show, acting isn't her only passion. She shared, "I'm also a musician and a writer." She revealed that she plans to release music once the show starts airing, which sounds like a solid plan for some cross-promotion.

Although this Gossip Girl is a whole new show, the fashion has a pivotal role once again. Smith said, "The costume fittings are my second favorite thing about the job. I just love dressing up." On Twitter she posted a photo from the Town and Country interview, divulging, "I'm not kidding it took 25 minutes to get these pants on." 

Aside from the acting opportunity and the clothes, Smith has already made friends on the set. In December 2020, she shared photos with her co-stars, writing, "no one warned me I was going to love these people." She also described them as "frands" in another post