The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of WandaVision

One thing Disney+ has been doing since launching is gifting us with a slew of new shows to indulge. Of course, there's the ever-popular The Mandalorian and subsequent buzz surrounding the Boba Fett spinoff. Until then, however, we've been gifted with WandaVision, a half-hour comedy series from Marvel Studios. WandaVision stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda Maximoff and Vision, respectively. The two play "super-powered beings living their ideal suburban lives [as they] begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems" (via IMDb).

With a world-class cast featuring some familiar faces as well as voices, WandaVision is promising. However, before you get suckered into all that on-screen chemistry and begin planning a whole future with, say, Evan Peters as your baby daddy, it's worth noting that some of these actors are off the market in real life. Not all of the actors are in relationships, of course, but their dating history may have you thinking twice. From long term marriages to pending nuptials, to actors who are just riding solo, and those coming off divorce, the cast of WandaVision is a mixed bag.

Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett are headed down the aisle

Like a true Olsen, much of Elizabeth Olsen's love life has been low key. However, it's clear the girl is madly in love as she has acknowledged her relationship with musician and Milo Greene frontman, Robbie Arnett. According to E!, the couple reportedly met while on vacation in Mexico in February 2017 and immediately connected. They were later spotted hand-in-hand while strolling the streets of New York, and if pictures say a thousand words, those paparazzi pics were an epic poem. The pair made their first official appearance a couple of months later when they attended the Gersh pre-Emmys party in September 2017 (via People).

After two years of quietly dating, news broke that Arnett had put a ring on the younger Olsen, and the two were engaged in July 2019. At the time of this writing, no details of the wedding have been revealed yet. However, Olsen previously told Modern Luxury (via People) that while renovating her house, thoughts of starting a family definitely crossed her mind. "I was also thinking, 'There's this small room upstairs, which would be good for a kid.' I don't know where things will lead, but I do think about it in that way: 'I think I could raise kids here.'"

Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly's long romance is better than The Notebook

Paul Bettany has been married to Jennifer Connelly for almost two decades. The pair met while filming A Beautiful Mind in 2000, but it wasn't until 9/11 happened that things got serious between them, and a love story straight out of a rom-com ensued. "I was in Tuscany, I was shopping for groceries, and I saw this crowd outside this cafe, and I thought it must've been a football match. I pushed my way to the front just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower, and like so many people's lives in that moment, mine was changed forever," Bettany explained to Larry King on Larry King Now. "I ran back to this house and spent two days trying to call this woman that I sort of barely knew ... I finally got her on the phone and said 'I'm coming over and let's get married.' And that's really what happened. We had never dated."

The pair got married in 2003 and have three children. Bettany is not only a hopeless romantic, but he's also a devout dad. "Marriage and children changed my life," he told People. "It really altered who I was and what I saw as my goals ... I catch myself [sometimes] and realize the five of us are laughing together, and there is nobody on earth with whom I could be having a better time." Honestly, Nicholas Sparks couldn't write this stuff.

Evan Peters and your favorite Hollywood starlets

Evan Peters has been on the scene for a minute now, but it wasn't until American Horror Story in 2011 that he shot to stardom. The actor has since starred in blockbuster hits such as the X-Men movies before making his way to WandaVision. With his star rising in Hollywood, it's fair to say this up and coming leading man has access to some of the most beautiful women ever to grace our TV screens.

Though this handsome guy is currently riding solo as far as we know, he has previously dated Hollywood starlets such as Halsey and Emma Roberts. Peters' romance with Halsey was somewhat of a rebound as he was just out of a long-term relationship with Emma Roberts, and Halsey was coming out of her own romance with singer/songwriter Yungblud. Peters and Halsey's courtship went by so fast that if you blinked, you probably missed it. They were rumored to be dating in September 2019, made it red carpet official in October (above) of the same year, and by March 2020, breakup rumors had surfaced. Halsey low-key confirmed the relationship was kaput in a May 2020 interview with Radio Disney when she revealed she had been quarantining by her lonesome.

Peters' romance with Roberts dates back to 2012. However, with a rocky seven years and a domestic violence incident under their belts, the actors called it quits for the final time in 2019.

Kat Dennings and Josh Groban were caught in a nerdy romance

Much of Kat Dennings' love life has been pretty low key since the 2 Broke Girls star split from Josh Groban back in 2016. The pair was together for a strong two years before they called it quits. In an interview on The Ellen Show, Dennings revealed that it was her fellow 2 Broke Girls co-star, Beth Behrs, who figured she and Groban would be a match. "She always talked about how great he is, and they've been friends for years. She thought we were both, you know, nerds, so she was right," Dennings told the daytime talk show host. 

The pair made their first official appearance at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills back in 2014 and made it to two years before calling it quits in the summer of 2016. Nonetheless, the two remained in good books, with a source telling E!, "It was a mutual breakup. They are still friends and care about each other, but it's not the right time for them now as a couple."

Kathryn Hahn and Ethan Sandler are college sweethearts

No, she's not Adam Sandler's sister-in-law, but how cool would that have been? Nonetheless, Kathryn Hahn struck gold when she met her forever love, Ethan Sandler, while they were both studying at Northwestern University. According to The New York Times Magazine, the actor loves to joke that she and her hubby "started sharing a dorm room in college and just never stopped." The pair married in 2002 and have since welcomed two children.

Her secret for keeping a decades-long relationship strong? Adaptation. "I feel like I have remarried the same person a couple of times," she told the magazine. "We just keep meeting each other as new human beings." Well, in whatever iteration, it seems these two human beings keep things in their household fun, as Hahn revealed a very eccentric Mother's Day adventure her family planned in 2018. "Last year, I had gotten home the night before from being out of town," she told Today. "They walk in at 6:30 a.m., the dog jumps on the bed. The kids and my husband wore Renaissance costumes. They come in and tell me, 'Surprise! We're going to the Renaissance fair!' They had bought me a costume. It was the hottest day in southern California. It wound up being so much fun."

Randall Park and Jae Suh Park's low key love is all over Instagram

We can only imagine what dinner in this household is like. Randall and Jae Suh Park are as beautiful to look at as they are funny. We're all familiar with Randall's comedic chops from projects such as Dinner for Schmucks and The Interview, but the actor came into the spotlight in a major way when he scored the role of Louis Huang on Fresh off the Boat.

For her part, Jae has been in several projects, including The Big Short and Purity. However, her presence as the happy-go-lucky hippie Marianne in Friends from College showed not only her acting chops but also her comedic prowess. In real life, Jae and Randall fly under all our radars, but if Jae's Instagram is anything to go by, these two are definitely relationship goals. The actor's page is loaded with pics of her adorable family — whether it's throwbacks from when they got married back in 2009, their appearances on red carpets, or their uber-cute daughter — it's all heartwarming.

In an interview with NBC News, Jae revealed some of the reasons their relationship has stayed afloat all these years, stating, "I know a lot of actors who would say they would never marry an actor, or anyone in the business. But I feel for us, it's definitely one of the strengths: just understanding what we go through emotionally, the travel we have to do, and what we have to do to maintain our relationship."

Fred Melamed and Leslee Spieler's timing is just perfect

Fred Melamed had a strong, 20-year voice acting career before he landed the role of Sy Ableman in the Coen brothers' 2009 film A Serious Man. Since then, his acting career has taken off. Prior to landing WandaVision, Melamed was also featured in the 2013 film, In a World directed by Lake Bell, as well as The Spy Who Dumped Me starring Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis.

It seems Melamed is used to the late starts in life, as his acting career is not the only thing that took off later than expected. A Los Angeles Times profile on Melamed revealed that the Yale Drama-trained actor didn't get married to his wife, Leslee Spieler, until he was 42. The late start didn't seem to put any pressure on the actor to accelerate things, as the couple didn't welcome their twin boys until five years later when Melamed was 47. "I never do anything early," he joked with the outlet. He may be late to the party by any other standard, but Melamed's timing is just perfect for him. Not only is his career going swimmingly, but he and Spieler's marriage has spanned two decades. The pair married in 1999.

The mysterious James Spader

James Spader is no stranger to taking on mysterious and thrilling roles, and it seems he has taken the same approach when it comes to guarding his private life. In all his years in Hollywood, the actor has been in two long term relationships that we know of. In 1987, Spader married Victoria Kheel– a set designer he met while filming Sex, Lies and Videotape (via Country Living). The pair welcomed two children together but divorced in 2004. In true Spader fashion, not much about the dissolution of the marriage is known. However, a 2011 interview with UK's Independent alludes to the fact that the actor may have been a bit too guarded. "I always tried not to have my career be too much of a burden to my children, but looking back, I think that was a mistake. In retrospect I could have incorporated the kids a little more in terms of what it is I do," he explained. 

Spader moved on with Leslie Stefanson, whom he met and co-starred with in Alien Hunter. The two have been together since 2002 and have also welcomed a son. However, if you think time is going to loosen Spader up when it comes to his private life, think again. He told Playboy, "I've been very successful keeping a private face on things, even out in public. If you're recognizable and you want to draw people to you in public, you can do that. I don't."

Emma Caulfield Ford and Mark Leslie Ford make marriage look good

Those Disney and MCU NDA's are no joke. Up until Disney released the trailer for WandaVision, actor Emma Caulfield had to keep the news that she was part of the cast close to the vest. "Finally. I've been holding on to this news since October 2019 (we wrapped Nov. 2020). This was a thrill ride and I'm so honored I got to play," she wrote on Instagram

Prior to playing Dottie on the new show, most people will recognize Caulfield from her role as Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as Susan Keats in the original Beverly Hills, 90210. While she plays an eccentric character on WandaVision, off-screen, it's her marriage to fellow actor and producer, Mark Leslie Ford that has us all unable to look away. The two tied the knot in 2015 and welcomed a baby girl in 2016. Like her other co-stars, Emma's Instagram page is filled with pictures of her adorable family. Both she and Mark seem to be in love with their baby girl as their profiles are decorated with nothing but heartwarming pictures of her