Why Bachelor Fans Turned On Anna Redman

"Queen" Victoria Larson has been dubbed a royal pain and "bully" on the 25th season of The Bachelor, and it's clear why. It only took one episode of Matt James' journey to love for contestants and fans alike to realize that her "I'm a queen" act was not just to stand out during night one. Instead, it became clear that she truly believes she should be respected as royalty at the Nemacolin Woodland Resort where the season was filmed.

Fans got a taste of how harsh Victoria can be when she expressed her dislike for her fellow contestants when they said they were happy for the recipient of Matt's first one-on-one date, Bri Springs, per The Ringer. "I hate this girl power s**t," she said. "I'm not here to be in a sorority." The following week, she happily warned Matt that her former roommate, Marylynn Sienna, was "toxic," despite not having much supporting evidence. Matt then sent Marylynn home. Victoria has also referred to her fellow contestants with derogatory terms even before meeting them, as detailed by Refinery 29.

Despite telling Matt's other suitors she wasn't there to be their friend, Victoria seemed to find a confidant, or at least a fellow trash-talker, in Anna Redman by the season's fourth episode — and viewers are not happy. Keep reading to learn why Bachelor fans turned on Anna Redman.

Anna Redman went from concerned to disdainful

During the first few episodes of The Bachelor season 25, Anna Redman was understandably concerned about getting time with Matt James. However, by the fourth episode of his season, it seems that Anna's concern has turned into unfounded hate for her fellow contestants. She particularly took aim at newcomer Brittany Galvin by accusing her of being an escort both to her face and to other contestants, per Entertainment Tonight. While Brittany assured Anna that was not her source of income, Bachelor fans are furious at Anna for starting a rumor that could affect someone's whole life.

"If the rumor isn't true, Anna started a stigmatizing lie about Brittany that could ruin her life. If it is true, Anna outed a sex worker on national tv and potentially put her life in danger to be petty. That isn't funny, cute, or 'tea,'" one fan tweeted. Other viewers accused Anna of making baseless remarks.

Furthermore, Victoria Larson and Anna were shown speaking poorly of other contestants throughout the episode for their own enjoyment, which further annoyed viewers. "Anna is a definition of a mean girl," one fan stated. "She needs to get a personality and stop hating on brittany," another added.

The drama appears to be addressed on the Feb. 1, 2021 episode of The Bachelor. Fans can tune into ABC to see if the bullies are put in their place or if they are left free to continue their unfriendly ways.