The Truth About The Bachelor's Anna Redman

All eyes are on The Bachelor's Matt James, who made history as the first Black bachelor in 25 seasons of the reality show. Anna Redman is one of the 40 women competing for Matt's heart this season, and we're betting Anna will be a sleeper pick for Bachelor Nation.

Based on what we've seen in The Bachelor premiere, Matt is going to have an epic season. Chris Harrison says Anna is a "Hannah B. lookalike with a great voice and bubbly personality," which is high praise indeed! Anna did not get a ton of on-screen time with Matt in the first episode, but we're confident that she will play a more significant role as the season continues.

Anna's brief moments of air time showed her positive and energetic personality. Anna and Alana Milne wore the same dress in The Bachelor premiere, a red Viva 2Way Gown, an open-backed dress flattering to both women (via Page Six). For some contestants, that kind of fashion faux pas would create high drama but for them, it was not a big deal. 

Keep reading to find out the truth about Anna from The Bachelor!

Anna Redman is a small-town girl called Hollywood by her parents

Anna Redman is one of the many women who want to have a love story with Matt James on the 25th season of The Bachelor. Anna is a small-town girl from Owatonna, Minnesota. According to her Bachelor bio, when Anna was a little girl, her parents "nicknamed her Hollywood, thanks to her affinity for chic scarves and oversized sunglasses." From her bio, Anna's early years sound like a Hallmark Channel movie; she was captain of the cheerleading team and ate family dinners at Applebees, but she "knew she was meant for something bigger."

The 24-year-old is a copywriter living in the Windy City of Chicago, but her dream is to write screenplays for Hallmark movies, which makes sense, as her childhood sounds like a Hallmark flick. Her bio says Anna is a Gemini who needs a smart partner who likes doing puzzles. She is a self-proclaimed "experience junkie" who once persuaded a pilot to let her fly a plane for 15 minutes! Anna sounds like she's an excellent communicator too.

Finally, "Anna is TERRIFIED of fish and OBSESSED with cheese." What's not to love about this woman? Keep reading to learn more about this blond beauty on The Bachelor!

Anna Redman and Matt James could make a good couple

Anna Redman brought Matt James a "stress kit" when she was introduced to him. Anna's gift wasn't as suggestive as Katie's vibrator, and she didn't show up in her underwear like Kaili, but Anna's stress kit showed that she thought about Matt first. Thinking about your partner as well as yourself builds a strong foundation for a long-term relationship. Matt's work with ABC Food Tours, which supports underserved communities in New York City, reflects his priority on serving others.

Matt started his historic season on The Bachelor with a prayer, and he wanted the women to know that his faith was important to him from the beginning. Matt's prayer was sweet and simple and let the contestants and viewers get to know him. While Matt's faith is important to him, it's clear the bachelor loves to laugh and have fun too.

From her social media feed, Anna seems fun. Dig, if you will, Anna's Instagram post in front of the Tower of London: "This my sh*t. Bow down b*tches -King Richard III -Beyoncé -Anna Redman." The fierce bachelorette doesn't take herself too seriously, which is refreshing.  

Anna Redman has strong Hannah Brown vibe

Bachelor Nation's Chris Harrison compares Anna Redman to Hannah Brown, which is a big compliment. Anna has a major Hannah B. vibe going on. The two women have a similar look, but they exude the same energy too. It appears that Anna is kind, and she's also a bit cheeky. 

Hannah B. stands up for herself, and we can totally see Anna being the same way. Who can forget the moment that Hannah B. shut down Bachelor Nation villain Luke Parker? The Bachelorette told Parker: "You're questioning me, and you're judging me, and you feel like you have the right to, and you don't at this point ... I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me."

Fans adore Hannah because she's a mix of sweet and spicy. Things got steamy in the windmill between Hannah and Peter Weber, but she's a good Christian, too. We are looking forward to seeing more of Anna on The Bachelor to see if the similarities between these two beautiful and bold women continue to stack up.  

We want to see more of Anna Redman

The Star Tribune weighed in on Anna Redman's first episode on The Bachelor and pointed out that Anna got the second to last rose from Matt James on The Bachelor's premiere. The Star Tribune said, "If Redman is to stick around a while, she'll have to lean heavily on her caffeinated spirit (she's a self-confessed coffee addict) and her love for the spotlight."

The 25th season of The Bachelor is unique for many reasons. As mentioned, Matt is breaking new ground, but this season is also unique in that it was shot all in one location, at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, due to the pandemic. The most recent Bachelorette season, which started with Clare Crawley, was shot the same way at La Quinta Resort in Palm Desert.

If you believe Reality Steve (and why wouldn't you?) there will be visits from fans favorite Bachelor Nation stars. Matt's best friend and roommate, Tyler Cameron, is dropping by for a visit. Hannah Brown will also be popping in at the Woodlands Resort for a visit, as well as Tayshia Adams.

We can't wait to see the next Bachelor episode and see how Anna Redman competes over the course of this season.