Mackenzie McKee: How The Teen Mom Star Really Makes Her Money

MTV viewers first "met" Mackenzie McKee (née Douthit) when she was a cast member on 16 and Pregnant, which aired in 2012, per IMDb. After that, she continued her time on MTV by joining the cast of Teen Mom 3 in 2013 (via IMDb). However, that show was canceled after one season, with no reason given for the decision, according to Us Weekly. After years away from reality TV, Mackenzie joined the cast of Teen Mom OG in 2020 (via IMDb).

Mackenzie has been a part of the MTV family for nearly a decade, sharing her story with fans via reality TV and eventually through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. In addition to simply opening up about her life, Mackenzie has been able to monetize her reality TV notoriety to provide for herself and her family by becoming a social media influencer and building her own health and fitness empire. 

Mackenzie McKee has turned fitness into an empire

Of course, there are plenty of eyes on Mackenzie McKee thanks to MTV, but the Teen Mom fan favorite has built up a loyal audience of her own with 1 million followers on Instagram and 61.1K YouTube subscribers. While some of those posts and videos are just for fun, many of them are actually profitable. Mackenzie earns affiliate revenue on her videos, linking to everything from the equipment she used to film and edit her content to the makeup products she used. She also used her YouTube channel to announce that she turned her Oklahoma home into an Airbnb, which included a link to the Airbnb listing and a link for discounted mattresses, which results in commission money in Mackenzie's pocket. And, just like most reality stars, she's in the Instagram influencer game, endorsing BoomBod weight-loss supplements, BondiBoost hair tools, more, and taking part in Instagram giveaways

In addition to making the most out of YouTube and Instagram, Mackenzie launched her own health and fitness business called BodybyMac, which includes online workout programs, subscription plans, meal plan guidance, and more resources for her customers. She is also a "Sponsored Athlete" for Justice Nutrition, endorsing the supplements that she takes. It's not completely clear how much money Mackenzie is worth, but from MTV tenure to her own personal business ventures, she's definitely a Teen Mom success story.