H.E.R.: How Much Is The R&B Singer Really Worth?

Two-time Grammy-winning artist H.E.R. has redefined new age R&B with just two compilation albums, earning herself seven Billboard Hot 100 hits. Her first EP, H.E.R. Volume 1, came out in 2016 and included her hit single "Focus", but true fans know that project wasn't the first introduction of H.E.R. onto the big stage.

Born Gabi Wilson, the artist began listening and learning to play music at a very young age. With the "child prodigy" title, the singer performed on The Today Show in 2007 at the young age of 10. Before breaking into Alicia Key's "No One," a young Wilson revealed on the show she doesn't get nervous and simply pretends she's still sitting at the piano in her living room whenever she gets on stage.

The tactic has apparently worked as almost 15 years later, H.E.R has landed a total of 13 Grammy nominations. "I want the people to hear the music for what it is, and not have any judgments or make any assumptions," said the artist, according to The Recording Academy.

With hits like "Slide" and "Best Part" it is no doubt H.E.R.'s music resonates with fans, and also brings in a hefty stream of cash.

H.E.R. maintains an air of mystery

Although H.E.R. attempted to keep her identity under wraps upon the release of her first compilation album, it wasn't long until fans made the connection between the young prodigy Gabi Wilson and today's R&B sensation H.E.R.

The artist chose the stage name H.E.R. after a terrible breakup. "I remember saying I'll never be that girl, I'll never be that girl that falls for the wrong guy. I was constantly criticizing that girl and eventually I found myself being that girl, being her," the singer told the Los Angeles Times.

H.E.R.'s stage persona is "just the evolution of being a woman," said the artist, and that evolution has led to a large net worth. While H.E.R's exact net worth is about as mysterious as her true identity, one source puts her net worth at about $2 million, while another estimates $2.3 million. All those album sales and streaming numbers must be paying off.

For H.E.R., which stands for "Having Everything Revealed," the hefty net worth at the beginning of her career may just be the "Best Part."