The Real Meaning Behind Skip Marley & H.E.R.'s 'Slow Down'

Skip Marley and H.E.R. seem to have a lot in common. They were both born in June, they're only a year apart in age, and they both had very strong musical upbringings: the Grammy-winning H.E.R., whose real name is Gabriella Wilson, first performed in her father's cover band when she was a young girl, Oprah Magazine noted, and Marley is the grandson of the reggae legend Bob Marley.

Perhaps that's why their chemistry is so undeniable. The pair is seen in the music video for their hit song, "Slow Down," which is featured on Marley's debut album Higher Place. The artists debuted the song live at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2019, with the two performing as Lauryn Hill's guests. The single was released on Nov. 8 of that year. It hit number one on the Billboard Adult R&B chart the following May, and the video, released in January 2020, has amassed well over 27 million views on YouTube.

The sweet single, with its lovely lyrics and soulful blend of reggae and R&B, is a gentle love song, and the video shows the two performers flirting and spending time together in NYC. But is there any meaning behind the lyrics? Is there anything real to their chemistry? Let's find out.

Skip Marley and H.E.R. explore the early stages of romance

"Slow Down"'s lyrics capture the blush of young love in a budding relationship, encouraging them to "Slow Down" and enjoy each moment. The video follows a first meeting leading up to a potential first kiss. With Skip Marley's lyrics, "If we play it cool, yeah / We can have that one thing / Or we can have everything / If our hearts are true," he's promoting getting to know each other and growing into a relationship. H.E.R. reaffirms that with the lyrics, "You know I'm looking for more / And you're what I've been praying for."

Marley confirms this in an interview with Vibe: "[In the video] I'm saying, 'Slow down, be in the moment with me.'" He enjoys love, expressing it in platitudes like, "Love is limitless. Love has no boundaries. Love is almighty," and admitted to iHeart Radio that he believes in "unity, togetherness, one love forever." He also likes H.E.R., saying she's "such a great person."

Surprisingly though, the two didn't meet until rehearsing for the Hollywood Bowl performance — aka after they collaborated on the song. And as to whether there's any romantic relationship between them, fans certainly want there to be. When the uber-private H.E.R. vacationed in Jamaica in August 2020, social media detectives felt sure they were together, but so far, there's no definitive proof either way. At least fans have the "Slow Down" video to stoke those flames.