Inside Ana De Armas' Emotional Instagram Video

There are some post-breakup moves that almost everybody makes, even celebrities. Ana de Armas changed up her look with a haircut following her split from Ben Affleck, which became public news in January 2021. And just like regular people, they got rid of items acquired during their relationship. Well, it's not exactly normal to have a life-size cardboard cut-out of a significant other, but it's probably for the best that Affleck got rid of it after their relationship ended. Reportedly, Affleck and de Armas are still in touch, which is something that many people do after a split, even if they won't admit it.

In addition to that fresh start with the hair, de Armas seemingly decided to take a (partial) break from the noise by deleting her Twitter account. However, she didn't depart from social media completely since she still has an Instagram account and posts regularly. And now, there is some curiosity about her latest video. Could it be a message directed at her ex? Let's take a look.

Ana de Armas' music selection might be telling

According to the Daily Mail, Ana de Armas shared a video on herĀ Feb. 4, 2021, Instagram Story, where she was in the car with her dogs, Salsa and Elvis. The Amy Winehouse song, "You Sent Me Flying," was playing in the background, and during the tune, Winehouse sings, per Genius, "With your battered jeans and your Beasties tee/ Now I can't work like this, no, no, with you next to me." Other lyrics include, "And although my pride is not easy to disturb, yeah/You sent me flying when you kicked me to the curb."

In all fairness, "You Sent Me Flying" could be one of de Armas' favorite songs. She might have just been listening to a tune that she liked. However, given the intense interest in her past relationship with Ben Affleck and the media attention surrounding their split, she must be (at least somewhat) aware that every move she makes will get analyzed. Was she sending a message about their breakup? No one will really know for sure, but it is tough not to wonder what she intended to convey.