Where You'll Be Seeing The Bidens' Dogs Again

There's nothing like walking into your home and being greeted by your pup, and first dogs Champ and Major are ready to welcome their fellow Americans once again. The two are the first hounds to live in the White House since President Obama's Portugese Water Dogs Sunny and Bo left in 2017. Although Champ lived in the White House when his dad served as vice president, Major is new to D.C. after being adopted from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018. Since the last rescue pet to live in the White House was Bill Clinton's cat, Socks, per CNN, the Delaware Humane Association threw the hound a virtual "indoguration" as a fundraiser to raise money for other rescues like Major, according to People. "[Major] shows the real possibilities for what could happen for all the great dogs who need homes out there," executive director of the DHA, Patrick Carroll, told The New York Times.

Now that Major and Champ have had some time to get acquainted with their new roles, they are ready to get to work. In fact, the two German shepherds will make an appearance at the 2021 Super Bowl — well, kind of. Keep scrolling for more details.

Champ and Major have an important message for Americans

As one of Champ and Major Biden's first official duties as first dogs, the two will appear during a pre-recorded Puppy Bowl XVII commercial alongside their mom and first lady Dr. Jill Biden to share a very important message. According to TMZ, the Puppy Bowl airs right before the big game on Feb. 7, 2021. This year, the beloved pre-show will be hosted by none other than best friends Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. (Unfortunately, Dr. Biden and the pups won't actually be in attendance at the event.)

"Hi there! I'm Jill Biden here at the White House with our two dogs, Champ and Major. For a lot of us during this pandemic, our pets have been such a source of joy and comfort, and maybe a bark or two on a video conference!" Biden said in the ad. In the spot, she and her hounds sit in the White House by a warm fire as the canines laid by her feet. "The unconditional love from a dog is one of the most beautiful things on earth, and we owe it to them to keep ourselves healthy. So, please keep wearing your masks, even when you're out walking your dog," the first lady said, before turning to her dogs and asking, "Right guys?" with an on-cue bark in response. 

It sounds like Major and Champ are already doing their part to serve the country.