Married At First Sight's Beth Describes The Road To Recovery After Being Attacked By A Dog - Exclusive

Elizabeth "Beth" Bice and Jamie Thompson captured viewers' hearts during Season 9 of Lifetime's Married at First Sight. Now, they're back to share their lives with fans once more on Season 2 of the MAFS spin-off series, Married at First Sight: Couples Cam. Beth and Jamie are known for their candor both on and off the screen, and the couple regularly posts on Instagram about their relationship. That's why fans were particularly worried in October 2020 when Beth revealed that she'd reportedly been "attacked" by a dog.

In an Instagram post, Beth shared, "Yesterday Dharma [Beth and Jamie's dog] and myself were attacked by a [pitbull]." She continued, "I look at my husband way differently today. He saved our lives yesterday. I don't know how he got to us so fast but I am beyond lucky to have both of these to wake up to today. I'm still in shock and those images will be forever imprinted in my brain. Dharma is safe out of surgery and I suffered a few small broken hand bones. My little family is strong and this will only make us so much stronger."

Nicki Swift caught up with Beth and Jamie to get an update on Beth and Dharma's recovery following the scary situation.

Beth is still recovering, but she's 'working really hard'

Going through any traumatic event is difficult to deal with, so Married at First Sight: Couples Cam's Beth Bice is still working towards recovery after being attacked by a dog. Speaking to Nicki Swift, Beth revealed, "I would say physically, yeah, we've recovered. Mentally, I have not fully recovered. I've been trying to work on things." However, Beth is firm about one thing in particular. "I won't ever knock the breed," she said. "I love animals, although I don't care what kind of animal it is. I'm going to love an animal."

It was in October 2020 that Beth posted about the dog attack on Instagram, and she continues to be affected by it, even now. "I didn't realize the traumatic PTSD from that," she explained. "If a dog comes up to me on the beach or anything right now, I would still buckle to my knees and have a severe panic attack, so it's something that I'm really working on as far as the trauma from dogs. I don't want to feel like that. I want to get better. I don't want to be scared of the larger animals." She added, "I'm really working hard. Every weekend, Jamie and I try to take Dharma out to a public dog area."

Beth's husband, Jamie Thompson, concurred, "Like a park or a hike or to a dog beach, so at least we can start trying to get back around the animals and feel good."

Beth reveals how Dharma is now

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam star, Beth Bice, has always been open and honest about her life, and that includes discussing difficult experiences such as the dog attack. As Beth told Nicki Swift, "It's been a challenge and I have nightmares still about it and sometimes I will pause for a second and just have to shake it off. But I think it's just the actual trauma, the gore from the incident is what I can't quite shake. I'm going to get there though."

Despite going through a clearly traumatic event, Beth offered advice to anyone else struggling with similar issues. "If anybody's ever been through a dog attack, don't fault the animals," she said. "Just work through it. I think I might even try to attempt to go to a rescue or something and spend some one-on-one time with the actual breed that it was. So I want to get better though. It was hard. It was really, really hard." Beth continued, "I don't wish that upon anybody to have to see or go through anything like that. It's hard because it's an animal ... and you don't want to hoard hostility towards them."

Sharing an update on the dog she shares with husband Jamie Thompson, Beth revealed, "Dharma is getting better. I think her hair fully grew back and she has not missed a beat. It's more like mom's having a hard time with it now."

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