The Real Housewife You Didn't Know Ben Stiller Dated

It's not every day that the world of reality TV collides with the rest of Hollywood. We're now used to Kanye West being married to Kim Kardashian, and need we remind ourselves, Kim K wouldn't be famous without Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But when we hear that Real Housewives of New York divorcée Sonja Morgan dated actors Jack Nicholson, Owen Wilson, and influencer-turned-president Donald Trump, per The Daily Dish, it still makes us scratch our heads. 

Well, those actors aren't the only ones to have had a dalliance with a Housewife. It turns out that Hollywood A-lister Ben Stiller apparently was romantically linked to another Real Housewives star ahead of the hit series, in the mid-1990s. Which Bravo beauty could it be? Keep scrolling to find out, plus see what the Real Housewives alum had to say about getting intimate with Stiller — and what Stiller himself has admitted about it all.

Ben Stiller confirms he had a 'fun fling' with this RHOBH star

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has always let her love life be an open book. When Glanville isn't turning heads with jokes, she's spilling the tea on podcasts. Glanville told Everything Iconic host Danny Pellegrino that she had quite a few A-list lovers before marrying soap opera star Eddie Cibrian in 2001, as reported by Page Six. One of her more memorable conquests? Famed comedian Ben Stiller. 

"I dated Ben Stiller for a little while," Glanville claimed on Everything Iconic, adding that Stiller is, ahem, apparently well-endowed

Stiller confirmed their relationship on Watch What Happens Live! in 2016, per The Daily Mail. "It was short-lived and it was fun," he told host Andy Cohen, chronicling his couple of dates with Glanville. Stiller went on to marry fellow actor Christine Taylor.

Stiller isn't the only actor to have graced Glanville's bedroom! She also went on dates with Friends costars Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer, as well as "one of the men in The Notebook," though she didn't clarify whom. Glanville also famously detailed her alleged affair with RHOBH castmate Denise Richards, rumored to have resulted in Richards leaving the reality TV series

Who else will Glanville reveal she's been linked to? Only time will tell!