What Happened To The Sloth Girl From The Bachelor?

Hit ABC franchise The Bachelor attracts a lot of, er, interesting contestants. Fans clamor to see what weird shenanigans suitors embark on during the first episode each season. From exiting the limo in lingerie to attempting to reenact The Lady in the TrampSeason 25 of The Bachelor had some memorable first-night moments. But every entrance pales in comparison to Season 23's sloth girl. Yep, someone showed up in a full-body, furry sloth outfit to meet Bachelor Colton Underwood

Needless to say, "sloth girl" did not make it very far in the competition. Colton ultimately gave his final rose to surfer girl Cassie Randolph, but the non-engaged pair (trust us, it's a long story) split soon after the season aired. That does not mean Colton and Cassie left the spotlight, though. Their breakup took a surprisingly dark turn after Cassie sought a restraining order against Colton for harassment claims in September 2020, per Us WeeklyThe whole debacle would probably be too tiring for a poor sloth. But who really was the woman behind the mask, and what is she up to today? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Sloth Girl aka Alex Dillon does have a real job

Despite "sloth girl" aka Alex Dillon's profession being listed as Sloth during her brief time on The Bachelor, Alex does in fact have a real career. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst grad worked as an associate account manager at a shipping company, per her LinkedIn pageThe 25-year-old dreamed up her Bachelor alter-ego, Suzette the Sloth, as soon as she got the casting call. 

"I wanted Colton to know exactly what he'd be getting into in a relationship with me," Alex revealed to Boston.com, citing Colton's status as a virgin as the main reason she wanted to make him feel comfortable. "I definitely like having fun and I wanted to get that out of the way the first night." 

Alex described filming with fellow contestants as a "semi-awkward situation," and she believes her sloth suit eased tensions in the Bachelor house. "If you have a girl who's freaking out, hoping she didn't stutter or trip on her dress, and then she looks over and sees a sloth dangling in a tree, she can think, 'Well, at least I'm not that weird girl.' I liked giving people ease," she continued. Alex also apparently had shot background scenes as herself in a slot suit running around the city of Boston with Bachelor producers prior to the first episode.

Of course, Alex is still a fan of sloths post-Bachelor fame. She is also pursuing her passion for painting during the pandemic. She's no loaf!