RHONJ: What Jackie Goldschneider Really Does For A Living

Mother. Wife. Reality star. Formidable opponent to the Bravo legend that is Teresa Giudice. All of these things come to mind when New Jersey Housewife Jackie Goldschneider is mentioned. But how does the reality star bring home the bacon?

While it's no secret that Jackie secures a paycheck (and most likely a hefty one) by filming Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey, many are confused about what it is that she did before she decided to dip her toe in the reality television pond. And before you mention the "family money" that she inherited along with the swanky Hamptons vacation home, we'll stop you right there. As it turns out, this mother-of-four carved out a successful and lucrative career for herself — all on her own. No trust fund baby here!

So, what does Jackie really do for a living? Keep reading after the jump to find out more about her career.

Jackie Goldschneider wears many hats

As it turns out, Jackie Goldschneider worked as a successful attorney, primarily focusing on real estate law, before making the transition into freelance writing after her children came along, per NorthJersey.com. It's reported that what first started out as a mommy-blogging type venture for the busy mom quickly turned into an opportunity to contribute her very own regular column in a local New Jersey newspaper, aptly titled Minivan Musings. She then went on to publish many more articles with various publications, including Huffington Post and Scary Mommy, per Esquire.

But that doesn't mean she's given up on her real estate roots! As documented on Real Housewives of New Jersey, the freelance writer also moonlights as a property manager as she rents out a family beach house that she inherited. As you may recall, during Season 10, Jackie hosted the ladies at her home in the Hamptons — a good deed that would later haunt her as the women started to question just how much moolah their humble and unassuming castmate was worth.

Eventually, Jackie took to an episode of Watch What Happens Live to set the record straight when a fan called in asking how much she was able to pull in from the vacation rental, per Bravo TV. "My beach house is actually $60,000 a month," she confessed on the live episode. CHA-CHING!!! One thing is for certain, this famous Housewife wears many hats.