Details Revealed About Sasha Obama

Since first daughters are the closest thing to an American princess, it's no surprise there has always been a lot of attention around the president's little girls. And as Jenna and Barbara Bush taught us, U.S. royals are constant targets for the paparazzi.

Luckily, President Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia Obama managed to keep a low profile during their dad's time in office. Back when he first assumed the position, Sasha was just 7 years old, while Malia was 10. It looks like their young introduction to the spotlight worked in their favor, especially considering how Sasha was able to conceal her full name from the public for years. In 2016, it was revealed that her name, Sasha, is actually short for Natasha, which she went by while working at her summer job on Martha's Vineyard, as per the New York Daily News. News of her name tag went viral in 2017, with one person tweeting, "So Sasha Obama's real name is Natasha?! my life is a lie!"

While Sasha's use of her full name could have been an attempt to fly under the radar, her beauty can't help but garner attention. After former president Barack Obama posted a February 2021 Valentine's Day tribute to his family, sharing a group photo with Sasha in front, people couldn't stop praising the 19-year-old. "There's always a main character in every family. Sasha is lead," one user wrote. Another added, "Sasha Obama and others pictured." Keep scrolling for more details about Sasha Obama.

Sasha Obama's upbringing was pretty normal... but with plenty of perks

Aside from growing up in one of the most prestigious homes in the world, Sasha Obama had a pretty typical upbringing complete with chores, piano lessons, and trips to the mall with her friends, per the New York Daily News. Additionally, she ate dinner with her family at 6:30 p.m. and wasn't allowed to watch TV or use her computer during the school week, unless, of course, it was required for her homework.

Although the Obamas did their best to give Sasha a sense of normalcy, despite "living in a bubble [where] every misstep for [her] would be on YouTube," as Michelle Obama put it during a Obama Foundation summit, per InStyle, she definitely relished in some of the perks of being a first daughter. In fact, Sasha met actor Ryan Reynolds at her first state dinner in 2016, per Time. According to the outlet, Reynolds posed for a photo with the teen as her sister, Malia Obama, looked on and gave Sasha an "encouraging, if slightly sarcastic" thumbs-up.

Apart from meeting some of her favorite stars, Sasha went through those major teenage milestones but with a presidential twist. In May 2017, the Obamas went all out for her lavish Sweet 16 party, where she was spotted wearing a red satin gown in photos with her parents, per YBF. The event was complete with a photo booth and some high-profile friends, including RHOP star Charrisse Jackson's daughter Skylar.

Sasha Obama knows how to make a stir on social media

Although Sasha Obama doesn't have a social media presence (at least, that we know of), she definitely knows how to go viral. In May 2019, she went to prom and caused a stir when her date's relative posted photos from the event, writing, "When your lil cousin take Sasha Obama to prom," according to Page Six. While the photos were soon deleted, Sasha stunned in a black satin gown and looked super happy with her arm candy.

The University of Michigan student made waves again in October 2020 when a TikTok video of her lip-synching the "Said Sum" remix went viral, per NewsOne. Although she was criticized for singing the NSFW tune, several people came to her defense. Her TikTok drummed up attention again in December 2020, after a video of her dancing with a group of friends made headlines. Again, out came the critics, but her defenders were always present. "... Leave Sasha Obama alone," one person tweeted. "Let the young woman be herself."

However, one photo of Sasha in particular set Twitter ablaze after someone posted a picture of her posing in a crop top and bikini bottoms. "Sasha Obama is a HOT girl!" the person wrote on the photo on Dec. 13, 2020. "THE BODY IS GIVINGGGGGGG. it's stepping on my gut," one person replied, while another Twitter user added, "i mean look at her WHEWWW." It sounds like Sasha needs to get on Instagram, stat!