Married At First Sight Stars Beth And Jamie On Becoming Social Media Influencers And Product Designers - Exclusive

Elizabeth "Beth" Bice and Jamie Thompson stole fans' hearts — and each other's — on Season 9 of Married at First Sight. Now, the couple is back on Season 2 of the spin-off show Married at First Sight: Couples Cam, and they're ready to give viewers even more access to their personal lives. Plus, Beth and Jamie have been steadily developing a new career together as product designers and social media influencers since their time on MAFS, and they're excited to reveal all of their new plans to the world.

"I totally lost my career in the pandemic," Beth told Nicki Swift. "I was a hairstylist and I worked in the beauty industry. So, it's been really fun to figure out what else I'm good at right now. So, that's all I've known, and I would never have guessed 10, 12 years ago when I got my license that, 'Hey, guess what? You're not going to have a career in 2020.'" Luckily, Beth has had the full support of her husband, Jamie, as she navigates the next steps in her career. "I've had a really great support system here from Jamie who's really helped guide me in a different direction," she explained. "And he's been letting me know what else I'm good at, and it's been kind of cool."

MAFS: Couples Cam stars Beth and Jamie exclusively spoke to Nicki Swift about breaking into the lifestyle space, becoming influencers, and developing new product ideas.

Beth and Jamie's lifestyle products make a statement

Since appearing on Married at First Sight, Beth Bice and Jamie Thompson have been collecting followers on social media. As a result, the pair has started designing and selling products to their fans, and they have even more ideas in the pipeline. "So, the 'basic Caucasian sex' mugs, Jamie made those," Beth told Nicki Swift. "And so those really took off. People love them." Jamie agreed, saying, "It was such a hit, it blows my mind." Realizing that there was an audience for their merchandise, Beth and Jamie are planning on launching even more products.

"I'm so excited. We're about to launch these for Valentine's Day," Beth said. "So, we've got pillows that are about to come out for your bed and on the back it says, 'bam, bam, done,' for the definition of 'basic Caucasian sex.'" As Jamie revealed, they wanted to send a playful message with their merchandise, which would be a great talking point in people's homes. "You can send a message," he explained. "You may not be sure what the message is you're sending, but at least you know you're sending a message." He added, "For sure, conversation starter."

Beth continued, "It's such a funny gag gift. Imagine if your boyfriend, like the first time you ever went to his house ... and you go into his bedroom and you see these pillows sitting on his bed. What would be your first thoughts if you saw that?"

Beth and Jamie are expanding their empire

Following Beth Bice and Jamie Thompson's success in launching their 'basic Caucasian sex' products, the couple is making plans to expand their inventory. "I want to play," Beth told Nicki Swift. "I'm a very intricate, like, eccentric person. And so there's a lot of different lifestyle items for your household I think I'm going to start working on."

As for the product Beth is hoping to launch next, the Married at First Sight alum explained, "Okay, so you know how in your house, we all have our novelty items and things like that, that you don't quite want everybody to see, but you're maybe a little bit proud of them? So, I want to create a 'no-no box' for everyone." As for what a "no-no box" might contain, Beth revealed, "So, you can have a really cute box for your goodies, whatever you want to put in there, like your sex toys. If you want to put other novelty, fancy items you don't want people to see in your house." 

Basically, if you're trying to hide something from prying eyes or if you're just plain embarrassed by your collection of Chucky dolls, then a "no-no box" is what you need. "It's just a fun conversation piece," Beth said. "So, I don't know what might come out of my little creative head coming up."Jamie adorably praised his wife's entrepreneurial ideas, saying, "Yeah, you're good at a lot of things." These two are most definitely still going strong.

If you've been wondering how any of your favorite reality TV couples have been doing, tune into Married at First Sight: Couples Cam on Lifetime.