Why Mr. Big Won't Be In The Sex And The City Reboot

Sex and the City fans were thrilled when a revival of the hit HBO show was announced in January 2021. However, just one month after the revival news broke, Page Six reported that Chris Noth, who played the infamous Mr. Big, will not be returning, leaving fans disappointed. Unfortunately, that's not all. It's also been reported that David Eigenberg, who's perhaps best known for his turn as Steve Brady on SATC, won't appear in the revival either. That being said, a rep told Page Six that "the actor is in negotiations to appear in the series."

As most fans already know, Kim Cattrall previously revealed she will not return as Samantha Jones. One user on Twitter was quick to respond and certainly didn't seem impressed with the news, writing, "So let me get this straight. No steve, no Mr Big, no Samantha and they are going to make COVID a plot? No thank you." Another added, "Ok no Samantha in the SATC reboot was bad enough, but no Mr. Big either!?! What is the point!! Don't even do it!!!"

In January 2021, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed HBO Max's 10-episode SATC revival is going to be called And Just Like That.

Chris Noth might have a big reason for skipping out on the revival

While fans may be disappointed about Mr. Big's exit, it seems that big news in Chris Noth's personal life might have contributed to his decision to sit out the Sex and the City revival. On Feb. 18, 2021, Chris Noth's wife, Tara Wilson, gave birth to their second son, Keats Noth. The SATC star shared the news with his followers on Instagram, posting an adorable snapshot of their newborn sleeping on a hospital bed. He captioned the shot, "Down from the heavens comes our second son — Keats!"

Per People, Noth quoted poet John Keats, who was potentially the inspiration behind his son's name."A thing of beauty is a joy forever," the actor wrote on Instagram. Wilson and Noth announced they were having another son in September 2019, with Noth proudly uploading an image to Instagram of his wife showing off her bump. He joked that he "better get [his] a** in shape."

With a newborn baby to take care of, it's no surprise that Noth won't be popping up on the SATC revival. However, fans surely can't help but wonder what that means for Carrie and Mr. Big's relationship.