Matt James And Rachael Kirkconnell's Body Language Has Everyone Talking

Season 25 Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell has found herself in hot water after photos resurfaced of her attending an "antebellum plantation-themed ball," per The Sun. And while that alone is proving to be quite the obstacle for Rachael, one simply can't discount the chemistry she and Bachelor Matt James shared on the show prior to the controversy or the fact that she's currently still a remaining contender for Matt's final rose.

Given the sheer amount of chemistry the couple exudes on camera, body language expert Nicole Moore of Love Works Method spoke exclusively with Nicki Swift and weighed in on the Bachelor couple's body language. According to Moore, the confidence Rachael has in Matt and in their relationship was apparent early on. "When Heather [Martin] came in, unannounced during week six to meet Matt, nearly all of the remaining women had a visible freakout. Rachel, however, kept it more calm," Moore explained. 

She continued, "Her body language was strong and steady. She even smiled when Heather approached. What's clear from Rachael's body language at this moment is that she doesn't consider Heather to be a real threat like the other women do."

But what else about the couple's body language has Moore's antenna up? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell appear comfortable with one another

Body language expert Nicole Moore noted Matt James "stiffness" with the other contestants, while also pointing out the ease in which he interacts with Rachael Kirkconnell. "In a clip of the two on a couch right after a tense moment where Abigail [Heringer] went home, you can see that Matt's body language is completely relaxed with Rachael." She added, "He has his arms on her knees and she has her hands on his shoulder. The pair are forming a circle of connection with their body language, indicating in a subtle way that their bond is not easily influenced by outside forces."

And apparently the feeling is mutual. According to Moore, Rachael also demonstrates her comfortability with Matt — not exactly an easy feat when it comes to dating a man who's actively seeing multiple other women at the same time. "When dancing with Matt [during week seven], Rachael smushed her arms and face into his body as much as she possibly could, a body language indicator that she can't get enough of him. She also grabbed his arm while dancing, indicating that she sees him as a steady support system," Moore pointed out.

The hometown visit appeared to be a slam dunk for the couple

Any true Bachelor Nation stan knows that hometown visits have the power and ability to make or break a couple. Fortunately for Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell, the hometown visit went swimmingly. 

Body language expert Nicole Moore noted that Matt was "absolutely smitten" with Rachael. "At the start of their hometown date, Matt smiled as wide as he possibly could when he saw Rachael and his eyes lit up. You can't fake that kind of excitement," Moore said. "When they first started speaking after hugging, Matt was staring straight into Rachael's eyes with a puppy dog lip and he kept fighting his lips from making too wide of a smile," she added.

While in real time it's not looking too good for the pair, one simply cannot deny the power of their on screen romance. But is physical chemistry and a genuine comfortability with one another enough, especially following the firestorm that is currently encircling them? Only time will tell ...