Al Pacino's Exes: Who Has The Legendary Actor Dated?

Al Pacino is one of Hollywood's most iconic actors, with a phenomenal career spanning more than five decades. His part as Michael Corleone in 1978's The Godfather still remains one of his most legendary roles and helped him land more jobs in many other hit movies, such as Scarface, Sea of Love, and Scent of a Woman. The four-time Golden Globe award winner got his start in the film industry in the early 70s, per Biography. With that being said, most of his relationships have been with women who are from the same industry.

Despite having many girlfriends, Pacino has never tied the knot with anyone. As reported by, the living legend vowed that he would never get married because he hated the fact that marriage involves a legal contract. "Why have I never proposed in the past?" he once said. "I hate to say this, but marriage is a state of mind, not a contract. When I think about the law and marriage, I ask myself, when did the cops get involved?"

Still, Pacino's love life has involved a wide range of women. Let's take a closer look at some of the ex-girlfriends who have been a part of his journey.

Jan Tarrant is the mother of Al Pacino's oldest child

Al Pacino dated acting coach Jan Tarrant in the 1980s. While she may not be a very famous face, she was allegedly Angelina Jolie's first acting coach, according to Married Divorce. Even though their relationship reportedly only lasted about a year, they did have a daughter, Julie Marie Pacino, per The Things

Julie appears to have been heavily influenced by her parents' backgrounds as she is a stage and film actor and producer who is known for Billy Bates, Abracadabra, The First, and Phoenix. In an interview with New York Film Academy, she explained, "I've always had a passion for filmmaking. As a child, I was always making little shorts with my friends and writing stories to act out. Making movies and watching movies was always very therapeutic for me. I liked being sucked into a story, falling in love with the different characters and ultimately learning something about my own desires and myself."

Pacino went on to have two more children with a future girlfriend.

Al Pacino also had twins with Beverly D'Angelo

In 1997, Al Pacino started a relationship with Golden Globe-nominated actor Beverly D'Angelo. According to AmoMama, they welcomed their twin children in 2001 — son Anton James Pacino and daughter Olivia Rose Pacino — who were conceived through IVF when Beverly was 48.

Two years later in 2003, Pacino and D'Angelo's romance was over, and it's safe to say it didn't end well. During their custody dispute, D'Angelo accused her ex-partner of being "a controlling, harassing man who has never changed a single diaper," per People. At the time, Pacino's lawyer, Martin Wasser, insisted D'Angelo used the kids in a way that almost made them "hostages."

The good news is that both Pacino and D'Angelo have moved on and are on friendly terms again. "The key thing is creating a new history, and moving on from whatever dissolved that relationship to the new one of co-parenting," she told Closer Weekly in 2017. "The most important thing I've learned is how vital acceptance is. We all have a desire to change things that we don't like, but you can't change another person. You have to accept differences and all the things that led to a breakup in a way that allows you to move forward. And out of my support system and people I know and love, I've created the ideal partner."

Al Pacino's relationship with Diane Keaton remains special

Al Pacino and Diane Keaton first met on the set of The Godfather in the late 70s, the film that would help them become household names and change their lives. Keaton was in her late 20s, while Al was in his early 30s. Their onscreen chemistry soon turned into the real thing after The Godfather Part II and they were officially what people would consider these days as "couple goals," per InStyle. Keaton admitted to People in 2017 she had an instant crush on Pacino when she first met him, saying, "I was mad for him. Charming, hilarious, a nonstop talker. There was an aspect of him that was like a lost orphan, like this kind of crazy idiot savant. And oh, gorgeous!"

Sometime after the third and final Godfather film in 1990, their relationship was no more after Pacino said he wouldn't commit to marriage with Keaton. Fortunately, they are still close friends and have a lot of love for one another. When Keaton won an AFI Lifetime Achievement award in 2017, Pacino paid tribute to his old flame and reminisced over the time they first met, according to InStyle. He also shared a piece of advice she gave him during their romance before ending his heartfelt speech with, "I love you forever."

Al Pacino has also dated much younger women

According to Express, Al Pacino was in a 10-year relationship with Argentine actor Lucila Solá (pictured above left), who sometimes goes by Lucila Polak and is most known for starring in 2003's Pride and Prejudice as Jane Vasquez. During the time of their romance, Pacino was in his 70s and Solá was in her 30s, per The Sun.

In 2018, Pacino began dating another much younger girlfriend, Meital Dohan for two years. The Israeli actor told LaIsha magazine the large age gap was the reason for them breaking up in 2020, per Express. "It's hard to be with a man so old, even Al Pacino," the then 40-year-old said about her then 79-year-old ex-boyfriend. "The age gap is difficult, yes. I tried to deny it, but now he is already an elderly man, to be honest. So even with all my love, it didn't last." Dohan told the publication it was an "honor" to be a "part of his legacy" and hopes they can remain friends.