Why Katie Thurston Never Stood A Chance On The Bachelor

Matt James' season of The Bachelor has been a whirlwind of emotions — and that's just for us viewers! Imagine what it must be like for Matt and the contestants! However, the season might be most notable for how many, um, feisty, gals there were.

There was Victoria Larson, one of the more notable 'villains' of the Bachelor franchise at large, who told Good Morning America after her elimination that her jabs were "all in good fun." Then there was Anna Redman, who got the boot after she spread rumors about fellow Chicago contestant Brittany Galvin. She learned the hard way that gossip is not the best way to get a rose, at least not in Matt's universe! MJ Snyder was another one who got mixed reviews from fans.

But there was one contestant who seemed to be universally loved: Katie Thurston. She emerged from the limo on night one waving a "magic wand" and went on to really stand up for herself and others during the season, especially when some of the women went after Sarah Trott. Unfortunately, Katie never really stood a chance on Matt's season. Here's why.

Was Matt James too conservative for Katie Thurston?

Katie Thurston got eliminated from Matt James' season of The Bachelor on the episode that aired on Feb. 8, 2021. Why such a likable person got eliminated sparked fans' curiosity, though.

One fan captured a universal, if somewhat delayed, emotion: "I'm behind on the bachelor sooo i'm on episode 4 but I LOVE katie she's just so like real & you never see that on this show anymore," they tweeted. Oh honey, we have got news for you!

Many fans think that Katie never stood a chance because Matt was simply too conservative. Honestly, it was an awkward dynamic on the first night when he led the group in prayer while Katie's, er, "toy" was on the table. "Matt is a conservative man. I knew as soon as Katie showed up she wasn't going to be Matt's type," another fan tweeted. "I wish ABC had Matt keep her around longer to call out bullies if any more arise."

There were rumors that Katie was going to step up as the next Bachelorette, but after the scandal involving Chris Harrison and Rachael Kirkconnell came to light, Reality Steve shared some spoilers that the franchise might be recasting a new lead. Thankfully, we have a hunch this isn't the last we will see of Katie. Bachelor in Paradise, anyone?