President Biden Just Made A Big Change In The White House

The Trump administration was all but traditional, and it showed not only in policy, but in some White House traditions.

Take for example the time former first lady Melania Trump changed the White House Rose Garden, removing much of the floral beds to put in a paved walkway and white roses, according to Vox. Or the time former President Donald J. Trump decided to forgo the decades long tradition of inviting his predecessor (in this case former President Barack Obama) back to the White House for a ceremonial unveiling of his official portrait (via NBC News). But to traditionalists' delight, the incoming Biden administration seems to be making a few changes of their own, including returning to some bipartisan White House traditions.

At the start of President Joe Biden's presidency, per tradition, the 46th president redesigned the Oval Office, and included statues and paintings of historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Cesar Chavez (via The Washington Post). Yet, the changes in the Oval Office were just a start for President Biden in the West Wing.

President Biden has moved these two presidential portraits back into the White House

Aside from signing countless executive orders to undo much of the policy in place by the Trump administration, President Joe Biden is making one big change to the presidential portraits in the West Wing... or rather, one big reversal.

According to People, the presidential portraits of former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have made a comeback to the White House, being placed in "their traditional locations in the Cross Hall." This means the two portraits will be seen by any in attendance for future state dinner and foreign dignitaries. Former President Donald J. Trump had removed the portraits and placed them out of sight to the Old Family Dining Room, which reportedly gets little use (via CNN).

In good news for former President Barack Obama, the Biden administration is likely to revamp the White House tradition of ceremonially unveiling presidential portraits. Former President Trump had refused to host President Obama for his portrait, but the 44th president will get his moment of recognition thanks to his former Vice President Joe Biden. People reports President Biden will extend the ceremony tradition to Donald Trump as well.