The Truth About Lisa Vanderpump's Friendship With Lance Bass

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans know that Hollywood is full of unexpected friendships. A former boy band member with an ex-Housewife? It all makes sense in the City of Angels. 

So it's no surprise that *NSYNC star Lance Bass has forged a connection with the one and only Lisa Vanderpump, the restauranteur behind the Bravo spinoff series Vanderpump Rules. Bass even appeared on RHOBH for Lisa's animal rights charity work. "I've never seen a more successful Housewife," Bass told Bravo's The Daily Dish in 2015. "She took the situation and she knew how to work. She entertains everyone and somehow she ended up being the most loved Housewife and still having the drama attached to her — that's a tricky thing to navigate." 

While fans are divided over Lisa — and she and her RHOBH co-stars don't even talk after the infamous PuppyGate — it's true Lisa forged her own brand within the hit Bravo series. Plus, she has Lance Bass to lean on! Just how close are they? Keep scrolling to find out!

Lance Bass is Lisa Vanderpump's biggest fan

Lisa Vanderpump has famously been a large supporter of the West Hollywood Pride parade, per Bravo, as well as a determined animal rights activist. It's clear Lance Bass bonded with Lisa over their shared passions, like pet adoption, according to Bustle, and the fact that they're both restauranteurs. (Lance owns his own West Hollywood bar and restaurant right near Lisa's famed SUR and PUMP, according to Forbes.) Lisa even was a bridesmaid in Lance's wedding to husband Michael Turchin in 2014! 

In 2015, Bass called Lisa "one of my besties" in an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish. He's has always had Lisa's back, and urged her to move on from RHOBH years prior to her departure from the hit SoCal reality series. "I tell her that she has Vanderpump Rules, which is so much better ... I hope she takes a little break," Bass told HollywoodLife, via Celebrity Insider, in 2019. Lisa quit later that year. 

The duo have weekly dinners together, and Bass revealed to Us Weekly that after a "hard year," Lisa is now "back to Lisa" — so much so that she even is launching a new series, Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump on E!. Of course Lance will be among her guests at the taped outdoor dinner parties — in addition to a slew of other celebrity pals. But nothing will come close Lance  Bass and Lisa Vanderpump's love for each other. "[She] has a huge heart," he told People