Who Is Anna Kendrick's Ex-Boyfriend, Ben Richardson?

Anna Kendrick may be one of America's sweethearts, but she has done a good job of keeping her romantic pursuits on the DL. However, that has not stopped rumors from swirling over the "Pitch Perfect" star's dating life. 

According to Bustle, Kendrick and Zac Efron had their name in the Hollywood rumor mill after they shared silly snaps of one another on the set of "Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates." Kendrick posted a black-and-white shot of Efron with a camera, lovingly referring to him as a "jerk." In turn, Efron shared a photo of Kendrick while calling her a "sneaky sneak," but it turns out that the two were no more than just friends. Kendrick has also famously been linked to Chris Pine after the pair shared the screen in "Into the Woods". However, the rumors turned out to be, well ... just rumors.

Interestingly enough, Kendrick stars in the television series "Love Life," a show about "first love to lasting love," per IMDb. In a May 2020 interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, she reflected on some of her past relationships. "Looking back now, it's like, 'Oh god, I acted like such a jerk in that relationship.' Or all the times I didn't feel strong enough to say, 'You can't speak to me that way,” she shared. "I'm just so happy that I'm clearer now about what I will accept from people in my life."

With this outlook in mind, just who was Kendrick's ex-boyfriend Ben Richardson?

Here's what we know about Anna Kendricks' former beau Ben Richardson

It turns out Anna Kendrick had snagged herself a guy from across the pond, and he has a really charming accent, too. According to Ben Richardson's IMDb profile, the British cinematographer has worked behind the lens on some big-name films, including "Wind River", "1922," "Drinking Buddies," and the hit TV series "Yellowstone". He has also won awards at the Sundance Film Festival and the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

In an interview with AFC from May 2017, Richardson shared the part of his craft that he loves the most and the passion in his profession is evident. "When you step back a bit from a set, and you look at all the technological excess in terms of cameras, diffusers, and spots a team can put in place for a single shot, you realize the unnatural quality of what we do," he shared. "That's the paradox I prefer ... observe reality, realize what's significant in it, and try to reproduce it."

According to Distractify, Kendrick and Richardson met on the set of "Drinking Buddies" in 2013. However, it was not until a year later that the pair began dating, and they seemingly could not get enough of one another both personally and professionally. The couple later worked together on "Table 19" and "Happy Christmas." Though they were notoriously silent on their relationship, it seems things went exceptionally well for some time as they dated for seven years — which may as well be a lifetime in Hollywood.

Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson broke up in 2020

Anna Kendrick doesn't have fond memories of 2020; she posted an Instagram selfie (pictured above) on the last day of that year with the caption: "2020 you have been a nightmare. Grateful to be seeing the back of you, you rotted b***h." According to OK!, Kendrick and Ben Richardson broke up in 2020. But in a 2020 interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the "Love Life" star seemed zen about her love life. "Even though our relationships end, it doesn't mean they are complete failures," Kendrick explained. "People come into your life and you grow and they change you, and what you learn from them might be really positive or it might be negative."

In January 2022, People reported Kendrick was dating Bill Hader, and the two had been dating for over a year! A source told People, "They are both very private people, and with the pandemic, it was easy to keep it quiet. They're both hysterical, so they must keep each other laughing all of the time. She's really, really happy." The source told the outlet Hader and Kendrick "met years ago," but the friendship didn't turn into a romance until after Kendrick and Richardson split up. The celebrity couple co-starred in the 2019 holiday movie "Noelle." A source spilled to E! News that the romance has been "going on for quite a while but Anna's kept it really on the DL." No word on any new romance for Richardson!

Anna Kendrick keeps her romance with Bill Hader private

Anna Kendrick keeps her romantic relationship with Bill Hader private, which is also what Kendrick did during her seven-year courtship with Ben Richardson. A source told OK! that the actors were friends during the 2019 "Noelle" shoot and that the duo "really hit it off." The source revealed that Hader "obviously had a crush on Anna, but it never went anywhere because she was still with Ben." The "Saturday Night Live" alum was recently single, having split from his wife Maggie Carey in 2018. But friends confided to OK! that the couple is a great match. A source told the outlet, "They both have the same quirky sense of humor and are constantly cracking each other up." But Kendrick isn't the only one who doesn't like to talk about romances. Hader remains mum about his relationship with the "Pitch Perfect" star.

Hader told The Hollywood Reporter in March 2022 that he doesn't like to talk about his dating life because of his three young daughters. The "Barry" star said he wants to protect their privacy. "They just want me to be their dad," Hader told THR. "They just want me to sit and watch 'Encanto' over and over and over again. So that's what I do." Wishing the DL celebrity couple all the best!