Here's What Don Cheadle's Net Worth Actually Is

Actor Don Cheadle is adored by millions of people thanks to his work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe run of blockbuster movies. That connection has helped build his net worth, but he's been a prominent personality in the entertainment industry for decades now. The Missouri-born actor has gone from small projects to noteworthy roles, and his bank account has benefited greatly along the way.

As Cheadle's IMDb page reveals, the actor tends to juggle multiple projects at once. He's done some voice work in animated shows such as DuckTales, and he's been featured in numerous television series. Quibi's Don't Look Deeper and Showtime's Black Monday are relatively recent projects he did. However, Cheadle became a familiar face on television during the run of Showtime's House of Lies with Kristen Bell.

Don Cheadle also scored small gigs in numerous iconic television shows over the past few decades. Appearances in shows such asĀ L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, and Picket Fences paved the way to roles in notable films like Ocean's Eleven, Crash, and Hotel Rwanda.

Don Cheadle has amassed some serious cash

Granted, Don Cheadle's paychecks from his earlier television gigs were likely minimal in comparison to what he started earning when he joined the MCU crew. As Wealthy Genius detailed, the actor stepped into the role of War Machine after Terrence Howard departed. Cheadle reportedly scored $1 million for Iron Man 2 after accepting the role, and he went on to make the character his own in a handful of additional MCU films.

Now, as a result of his well-established presence in blockbuster films, he is estimated to be worth about $35 million (via The Richest). While a solid chunk of that has likely come from his multi-film MCU contract, he's earned some cash via directing and other projects as well.

Cheadle combined his many talents for the film Miles Ahead, a Miles Davis biopic. He took on the role of Davis, and he also wrote the screenplay alongside Steven Baigelman. In addition to all of that, the project was his directorial debut.

The actor has frequently worked with famed director Steven Soderbergh, who is responsible for the Ocean's films along with a handful of other blockbusters. Don Cheadle has combined television and film, plus high-profile and lower-profile advocacy roles, to generate a successful career. He's shown he can take on virtually any type of character, and his net worth has steadily increased as a result of his charisma and talent.