Where Does Bling Empire's Christine Chiu Live And How Big Is Her House?

The queen bee of Netflix's Bling Empire certainly has a palatial estate fit for royalty. Socialite Christine Chiu's lavish lifestyle and catty quips are part of the reason why the reality series became so successful

Fans first met the "Couture Queen" bragging about her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu's ancestral link to the Song Dynasty. While Christine has enough jewels for a modern reigning heiress, she even has partnered with Prince Charles for a Scottish charity event, per The Hollywood Reporter. Christine was even tempted to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before gracing Bling Empire with her presence. 

The Los Angeles-based reality star lives with husband Gabriel and their young son Gabriel Christian Chiu III aka "Baby G." The Chiu family founded private practice medspa Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery together, which certainly contributes to Gabriel's inherited wealth. He even posted on Instagram to tease the Bling Empire premiere with snapshots of their high-profile perks. "Having somewhere to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing," Gabriel captioned to fans. "Thank you for letting us into your homes to share our story." 

So what about the Chius' own home? Keep scrolling to find out more about where they live!

Christine Chiu and her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu have a Los Angeles estate

Bling Empire star Christine Chiu and husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu truly live in the lap of luxury. Fans of the reality series spot the Chiu family living in their temporary 5,500-square foot rental home in Bel-Air, per House Beautiful. The six-bedroom, seven-bathroom modern home is categorized as a "Zen-like retreat" and worth $5 million. 

Christine's real home was under construction during filming. According to Love Property, Christine in fact lives in Kimora Lee Simmons' old digs. The Chiu family purchased the Hidden Valley Estates property in 2016 for $8.7 million. The two-story house similarly has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, plus a gym, media room, tennis court, and pool. 

Of course, Christine doesn't just want audiences talking about her excessive wealth. "The greatest misconception is that we just roll around in money and laugh and drink champagne and caviar all day. I have to admit I'm a big fan of champagne and caviar — but you know, everything in moderation," she told The Oprah Magazine. In fact, Christine revealed that 50 percent of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery net profits "go back into our community" in Southern California. At least we know Christine is a good neighbor!