What Does Jovi Dufren From 90 Day Fiance Do For A Living?

90 Day Fiancé has a time constraint in its title: For those who aren't fans of the hit TLC franchise, couples have only 90 days to tie the knot on the K-1 visa. Fiances usually spend their three months settling into living together, adapting to America, and planning the wedding of their dreams. Of course not all of couples have the luxury of doing this together, and Season 8's Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are part of that exception. 

Jovi met Ukrainian beauty Yara abroad while traveling for work. After Yara joined Jovi in his New Orleans hometown, Jovi had to jet off once again for his career. From Jovi's "work hard, party hard" mentality to Yara's miscarriage, the couple almost called it quits. According to Screen Rantthe duo did tie the knot and welcomed a healthy baby girl in September 2020. Yet that doesn't change Jovi's work schedule. So what exactly does he do for a living? Keep scrolling to find out! 

Jovi Dufren is gone for months at a time

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya spend almost as much time together as they do apart, thanks to Jovi's profession. Jovi lists himself as a "professional traveler" in his Instagram bio, but that's not exactly what he's paid to do. 

The reality star has reportedly visited 57 countries and counting due to his career as a ROV (remotely operated vehicle) supervisor, per his LinkedIn page. Jovi has been working in oil and gas since 2008 but has held his current job at C-Innovation LLC since April 2013, per Screen Rant. He lists his job description as "managing system assets and personnel to attain project-related goals while minimizing safety and performance risks," as well as leading crews and repairing technical systems.  

Jovi said on 90 Day Fiancé that he works on a "4 weeks on, 4 weeks off" schedule, with having to be abroad for roughly a month at a time, depending on the project size. As Screen Rant reported, Jovi's job is about "going underwater and doing maintenance on pipelines and everything necessary for oil production." 

The nonstop travel could put a strain on his new marriage with Yara. Hopefully Yara's heart only grows fonder during Jovi's absence!