Stephanie Davison's Net Worth: How Does The 90 Day Fiance Star Make Her Money?

While 90 Day Fiance stars do get paid for their stints on the hit franchise, most of the cast holds down real-life jobs away from reality TV cameras. From influencers to construction managers, TLC alums' businesses can either be helped or hurt by appearing on-screen

Controversial Season 8 star Stephanie Davison loves to flaunt her wealth to Belize beaus Ryan and Harris. In fact, Stephanie shilled out hundreds for his cousin — and her new boyfriend — Harris. Per The Overtimersome fans speculated that Stephanie's dollar bills were fake. She even bragged that she purchased a $3,000 watch for her (now-ex) fiance Ryan. With all these pricey presents, how does Stephanie actually make her money? Keep scrolling to find out why Stephanie considers herself self-made, plus the reason why fans think her business may be in trouble after her 90 Day Fiance drama. It's not easy being a reality star, is it?

Stephanie Davison owns a successful medspa chain

Stephanie Davison focused her entrepreneurial spirit into two Michigan-based non-surgical weight loss centers. The Skin Envy medical spa chain promises to "reverse aging, increase energy, and improve intimacy," per their website slogan. Stephanie founded Skin Envy in 2002, "offering European advancements for a better body and mind." The center specializes in removing cellulite through vitamin and hormone injections, which Stephanie even claimed prevent COVID-19

According to Stars OfflineStephanie's net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. However, her medspa business may be on the decline after Stephanie's divisive portrayal on 90 Day Fiance. "I can't imagine the exposure is GOOD for her business," a Reddit thread began. 

"For people who stab you with chemicals it's probably not best to show yourself as a wreck," another fan agreed. Could Stephanie's net worth be impacted by her controversial claims? Only time — and her bank account — will tell.