90 Day Fiance: Stephanie's Bizarre COVID-19 Claim Has Fans Buzzing

90 Day Fiancé fans are used to the dramatic twists and turns of every season. Yet Season 8 has proven to be one for the books: couple Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva seem to part ways prior to the 90 days ending (although they might have still wed after the fact?), while engaged duo Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren were tempted to quit the show after finding out they were unexpectedly expecting

But the most shocking revelation thus far was that cast member Stephanie Davison dumped fiancé Ryan Carr while in his native Belize. She then turned out to have feelings — and an affair — with his cousin, Harris. They've immediately become one of the most memorable couples in franchise history, but the drama has only just begun for Stephanie. After filming her season, she has taken legal action against TLC, claiming that she was "manipulated" and put in harm's way, per Screen Rant.

Thus, it came as no surprise that Stephanie will be absent at the Tell All reunion. "LA tell all?! I wasn't there! More about that at a later time," Stephanie captioned a photo of her holding a rifle on Instagram. Now, Stephanie is making headlines yet again for her shocking claims about COVID-19. Keep scrolling to find out what she told a local Michigan news station, and how fans have reacted! 

Stephanie Davison claims her skincare injections prevent COVID-19

Stephanie Davison appeared on the local Grand Rapids, Michigan news channel Eight West to discuss how her Skin Envy Non-Surgical Weight Loss Centers focus on both shedding fat and anti-aging. Specifically, Davison claimed her impamorelin and semorelin injections also prevent the coronavirus, which she "proves" by saying that she never contracted the virus but most of her friends did. 

Reddit fans were quick to call out Stephanie's outrageous claims. "As a resident of [Michigan], I just reported this to the Attorney General for fraudulent claims," a user wrote on Feb. 28, 2021. "It's gross enough that her business is predatory but she's also pretending it prevents COVID19? Ugh." 

Stephanie also boasted that she had received the COVID-19 vaccine, and most viewers are speculating if it's due to Stephanie "claiming to be a medical professional" by owning the medspa. However, given her belief that the cosmetic injections prevented the virus, fans called into question why Stephanie would opt for the vaccine in the first place. 

"If people want to give her money for her ridiculous snake oil, that's one thing. But to play off of people's legit fears of COVID by claiming to be able to prevent it is disgusting," another user commented. "Apparently she thinks she knows more than Dr. Fauci." 

Well, Stephanie certainly knows how to inject another dose of drama into the season!