The Untold Truth Of Justin Duggar

Justin Duggar, who is the 14th child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is also one of the stars of TLC's Counting On. Duggar grew up in front of a camera crew on reality TV, along with his 18 brothers and sisters, since he was a small tyke. The family's ultra-conservative lives seem to have captivated people everywhere. They've amassed quite a large fan base since the former 19 Kids and Counting first aired in 2008. After it ended in 2015, TLC decided to continue to follow the older Duggar siblings, and that's when Counting On was born. 

Superfans have watched Justin Duggar grow up to be a nice young man, but much of the reality TV show's focus has been on the older siblings as they married and started families of their own. Now Justin Duggar is married as well; he wed Claire Spivey on Feb. 26, 2021, after a short five-month engagement. There's a lot more to know about the young Duggar. Read on to find out more about him.

Justin Duggar is a great mechanic

There are many types of heavy machinery located at the main Duggar home in Northwest Arkansas, so it's a good thing that at least one of their sons is quite handy with them. In a birthday post on Instagram in 2019, Justin's parents indicated that they were "amazed" at how skillful he is at not only operating many different types of machines, but also fixing them when they need it. He is also good with cars and buses and knows exactly what he's doing.

As seen in previous episodes of Counting On, the Duggar mega-family makes good use of the equipment around their properties. Justin Duggar has taken all that he has learned as a mechanic to help alongside his brothers and sisters with various projects in the family's home renovation business. There always seems to be some type of renovation brewing, and Justin's skills are always welcomed.

Justin Duggar makes a living renovating houses

When Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey announced that they were getting married, fans were concerned about how someone so young could afford such a gorgeous engagement ring. Claire was quick to point out that her then-fiancé had been working for a while and had earned that money himself, per The Sun. She wanted to be sure that fans knew that he had a "full-time job" and was able to support a family. The Duggar business of buying homes and flipping them seems to be going strong.

Just like the majority of his family, Justin works in home renovation. He's still quite young, so it's not clear exactly how much money he makes, but the Duggar son has posted Instagram photos of himself finishing up a home that he had been working on. The pics revealed the reality star hard at work renovating the kitchen, and the finished product amazed his followers. His brothers have also shared how they work together to get things done.

Justin Duggar is the youngest Duggar kid to marry

Justin Duggar was barely a legal adult when he got down on one knee to propose to his now-wife Claire Spivey. It was the day after his 18th birthday when the couple got engaged. Just five months later, they had their dream wedding — making Justin the youngest Duggar sibling to get hitched, so far anyway.

Fans were quite skeptical when the news came out, saying that he was way too young to get hitched, per CafeMom. However, that didn't deter him from making the life-changing commitment to spend the rest of his life with Claire.

Most of Justin's siblings were in their early 20s when they met and eventually married their spouses, but not Justin! He found his one true love at a young age and knew that she was the one pretty quickly. In the TLC video announcing their engagement, Justin revealed that it only took about a week after they met at a conference that he knew that she would be his wife.

Justin Duggar is two years younger than his wife

Claire Spivey Duggar is two years older than her husband, with the exception of the three months between their birthdays. In fact, her birthday is the day after they wed, making it extra special for her. She gets to celebrate two special occasions at the same time.

The couple met in the spring of 2019, per TLC. That means Justin was just 16 when they met and Claire was 18. However, their "secret" romance wasn't official right away. Their young ages raised a few eyebrows on social media, but Claire was quick to answer any "concerns" that fans had, per Cheat Sheet. Although it was first thought that they had a whirlwind romance, she clarified that it wasn't quite like that, explaining that the pair met and started dating in secret for eight months before announcing their official courtship on Counting On in September 2020.

Justin doesn't seem to mind the slight age gap at all. Once he officially turned into an adult, he quickly proposed. They made it to the altar and off they went, ready to start their new life together.

Justin Duggar is a great singer

Did you know that Justin Duggar can sing? He is quite good at it, too. Actually, it seems that all 19 of the Duggars all have some kind of musical talent, whether it's singing or playing an instrument or two. Justin and his two brothers, Jason and James, showed off their vocals while taking a break from a home renovation project. They recorded their "jam session" and shared it on Instagram.

However, you likely won't be hearing these boys rocking out to the latest pop or country tune. They stick with belting out their favorite hymns. The men have been known to sing in their church, as well as various family get-togethers. The Duggar girls also sing in tune and have made their parents proud by using their talents.

The siblings aren't the only ones in the family who can sing. Cousin Amy Duggar had dreams of being a country singer when she was younger. As seen in an episode of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, one show was dedicated to her visiting Nashville. While that didn't quite pan out for Amy, all of the Duggars put their voices to good use at some time or another.