Who Is Stanley Tucci's Wife, Felicity Blunt?

Stanley Tucci is one of those actors that almost everyone can agree is just ... the greatest. But while his fans marvel at his Negroni-making abilities and debate their favorite of his myriad roles, there's one woman who likely knows him best of all, his wife, Felicity Blunt. Blunt and Tucci tied the knot in 2012 and share a big, blended family.

Blunt isn't Tucci's first wife, though. He first married a woman named Kate in 1995, though she died of breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 47. His twins, Nicolo and Isabel, and daughter, Camilla, are from his first marriage. He said in a January 2021 interview with "CBS This Morning," "You never stop grieving. It's still hard after 11 years. It's still hard. And it will always be hard." But he says that Kate would want him to be happy. "She would never want any of us to ever wallow in that grief and let it take over our lives. She would never want that. She wasn't like that," Tucci said. And, to a certain extent, he does seem to have moved on from the grief.

Here's everything you need to know about the second woman who stole Stanley Tucci's heart.

Felicity Blunt is actor Emily Blunt's sister

Felicity Blunt may not be Tinseltown royalty like her sister, Emily Blunt, but this whole star-studded family is still making their mark on the town. Emily is a huge fan of her sister and told People that Felicity is "always looking immaculate head to toe." Besides adoring her sister, Emily also loves her brother-in-law, Stanley Tucci. In fact, the actor went on and on to People about her adoration of the "Hunger Games" star.

"He's an all-around renaissance man who knows the way to everyone's hearts. And it's through having a damn good time," she told the outlet. "He's frighteningly bright, quick to laugh, loves to be laughed at, charismatic, warm and energetic." Emily added that she loves to see how much "delight" Tucci brings to her sister and his kids.

While Felicity doesn't hit the red carpet as often as other Hollywood spouses do, she still shows up to support her younger sister when she can. She even showed off a baby bump at the "A Quiet Place" premiere with Tucci.

She and Stanley Tucci have two children together

Stanley Tucci has three children from his first marriage, yet his family continued to grow after marrying Felicity Blunt. Together the couple has two kiddos: Matteo and Emilia, who were born in 2015 and 2018, respectively. When Tucci and Blunt revealed their second baby news, Tucci told Us Weekly that he was being sure to treat his wife nicely. Before the birth of Matteo, he told the outlet that he was thrilled to bring a baby into the world with Blunt.

"I'm very excited to be a dad," Tucci told Us Weekly at the time. "It's incredible. I'm most excited to have a baby with Felicity and for the baby to be healthy." Later on he told The Guardian that being a father later in life is definitely different than the first time around.

Like his wife, Matteo and Emilia generally stay out of the spotlight. The older Tucci siblings don't spend much time in the public eye, either.

Felicity Blunt met Stanley Tucci's first wife

Fans of Stanley Tucci know that he starred in "The Devil Wears Prada" alongside the incomparable Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and none other than his wife, Felicity Blunt's, younger sister, Emily Blunt. In fact, Emily took Felicity to the movie's premiere, where Felicity had the pleasure of meeting Tucci and Tucci's first wife, Kate. 

"And, actually, Felicity — Emily's sister, my wife — she and Kate talked at the premiere that night and I have a photo of them together, which is so odd. And then many years later, I ended up marrying Felicity," Tucci shared on a February 2021 episode of "WTF with Marc Maron." It is a strange coincidence, for sure. 

Their shared history doesn't seem to have had an adverse affect on their relationship, however, and Tucci and Felicity still seem to be going strong after all these years, even surviving lockdown together with all of their children (plus one more)!

Felicity Blunt is close with Stanley Tucci's children from his first marriage

When Stanley Tucci married Felicity Blunt, the two weren't just joining one another. Tucci brought with him a trio of teenagers from his first marriage to his late wife. He told The Guardian that he recognized finding someone who would love his entire family would be hard. "It is not easy to find somebody who is going to take on three teenagers [twins Nicolo and Isabel, and Camilla] and a widower," he told the outlet. "That's a lot. But she was willing to take on that challenge. She cares for the kids as if they are her own, and it is a tough role, being a step-parent." But Blunt rose to the occasion and their blended family all moved to London together, according to The Guardian.

Tucci even opened up via a piece he penned for The Atlantic about the whole family being together amid the COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom. One of his oldest kids' girlfriends even stayed with them for a while, as she couldn't get back home, so there were six kids total. 

"Cramming all these people with differing personalities, ages, needs, wants, etc. in a house for six weeks creates for an interesting dynamic. For the most part, things have been going very well, meaning no one has murdered anyone yet, although I am sure one of them is plotting my demise as I type this," he joked.

She's younger than him

There is a nearly 20 year age difference between Felicity Blunt and her husband, Stanley Tucci, but they don't pay that any mind. Tucci has said that the two share many interests together, including their foodie natures, which crosses the age divide. 

Still, the age difference did create a hurdle for these love birds, at times. Tucci told The Times that he was aware the age difference might be hard and they did split up for a short while over that very concern. 

"I never thought I was going to have kids again after Kate died, but then I met Felicity, and she really wanted to have kids," Tucci told the outlet. "We got to a point where I was like, 'You know what? I don't really want to have kids; I think you need to be with somebody who wants to have kids.'" Obviously Tucci changed his mind, because the couple ended up having two children of their own.

Felicity Blunt is a literary agent

A beloved actor being married to a literary agent could surprise some, though it shouldn't be a surprise for those who are familiar with Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt. In addition to representing her man's bibliophile nature as an author, Blunt also represents dozens of other writers at Curtis Brown. She's responsible for such authors as Danielle Steel, Hannah Azieb Pool, Georgina Hayden, and Stuart Dybek.

Per her biography at Curtis Brown, Blunt has worked for the agency since 2005. She originally studied law and trained to be a barrister, before realizing her love of books. When it comes to non-fiction books, she loves to represent "cookery," while her fictional fascinations are a little more varied. 

"My fiction tastes are broad but are unified by my desire to represent unique stories and smart voices," she wrote in her bio. "What I want is to feel passionate about the narrative and believe absolutely in the world an author has crafted." Blunt is also an agent who enjoys working with new writers, too, which isn't always a common trait in the industry.

Stanley Tucci credits Felicity Blunt for getting him through his cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is scary for anyone receiving it, particularly if you've already lost a spouse or loved one to it. When Stanley Tucci was finally diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017 after two years of doctors and wondering what was wrong, the actor credited his wife, Felicity Blunt, for helping him during that awful time. "Felicity's undying attention, affection and encouragement got me through it," Tucci told People. Her support was paramount, especially since Tucci kept the diagnosis a secret until going public about it in 2021 in an interview with Vera, Virgin Atlantic's inflight magazine.

Tucci told People that during his month long radiation treatment and chemotherapy, he lost his sense of smell and taste and wound up on a feeding tube for six months. He did eventually get his senses back, which was "just the most exciting thing in the world," Tucci told the outlet. 

He told Vera that, after seeing his first wife (who died from breast cancer in 2009) go through the traumas of medical cancer interventions, it wasn't something he wanted to put anyone through for him. Tucci also applauded his kids for being understanding and compassionate through the ordeal, though it was understandably difficult for them, as Tucci shared in the same interview.

She encouraged him to share his now-famous Negroni video

In what has become an internet sensation, Felicity Blunt can be heard asking: "What are you gonna make me?" That is how the famous Stanley Tucci Negroni Instagram video begins. Tucci posted the video in April 2020, which Blunt recorded for him, after she encouraged him to share his mixology prowess with his followers. Clearly Blunt knew best, because fans clamored over Tucci's video. In fact, the responses were far from anything he expected.

"Surprised isn't the word. I'm shocked and appalled," Tucci told People at the time. "I'm so flattered. We had no idea." He went on to tell the outlet that Blunt suggested he post the video on Instagram after Tucci filmed the Negroni demonstration for her literary agency. At Christmas the same year he made another video, this time of him making a Christmas Cosmo for his wife. (That one didn't get quite as many views, though he is as dapper as ever).

What shocked Tucci the most about the Negroni video's reception was how many people commented on him in a sexual way. "I mean, some of [the comments] were so funny," he told People. "Filthy, but funny. We laughed so hard, reading them out loud. And they were great, like very flattering too, like really flattering. There was a sex [reference] that made me laugh so hard."

She loves food as much as he does

To be married to someone like Stanley Tucci, one must love food. Luckily for him, his wife, Felicity Blunt, is as much of a foodie as he is. When they met, they immediately recognized their shared love of food, Tucci told "The Queen Latifah Show" in 2013. He also told the outlet that, after meeting at Emily Blunt's wedding, the two started going out to eat or cooking together often. One of the first things they cooked together was pheasant, he told the show. "There was lots of plucking going on," he joked.

Evidently, Tucci noted Felicity's voracious appetite right away, which was one of the reasons he was immediately drawn to her. He is noted to have said on his impression of Felicity that he had "never seen someone so slender enjoy her food so much," according to Good Housekeeping

It's a good thing these two foodies found each other. There is no doubt that their mutual passion for food helped them build a strong family unit. After all, as Tucci told The Guardian in 2017, "It is vital that families have a meal together — nothing is more bonding."

She wrote a cookbook with her husband

With a literary agent for a wife, it's no wonder that Stanley Tucci has published multiple books. All three of his books center on food (even his memoir, "Taste: My Life through Food," which came out in October 2021) because food is so important in his life. 

"Because it's always played such a significant role in my life that it is like the wire that suspends me and takes me everywhere," Tucci told Town and Country of using a food lens in his memoir. "Once I was able to start to afford to go to restaurants and dive into that world a bit, it just kept opening and becoming more exciting and relatable to everything else I did in life."

In addition to his memoir, Tucci also published two cookbooks — one with Francesco Tonelli and the other with his wife, Felicity Blunt. "The Tucci Table: Cooking with Family and Friends," which he co-wrote with Blunt, came out in October 2014. Actually, all of Tucci's books came out in October. Autumn is a good time to think about good food and all that comes with it!