Emily Blunt Opens Up About Her Beloved Brother-In-Law Stanley Tucci

In the latest issue of "Celebs You Didn't Know Were Related," it looks like "Jungle Cruise" star Emily Blunt is again singing the praises of her former "The Devil Wears Prada" co-star, Stanley Tucci, who recently opened up about his challenging experience with cancer. The "Hunger Games" actor was diagnosed after a physician found a tumor on his tongue in 2017, per ET. As Tucci recounted in his 2021 memoir "Taste: My Life Through Food," the actor underwent radiation and chemotherapy for treatment, which affected his taste buds and his ability to eat (via The New York Times). His experience made him realize how much he loved food, and provided inspiration for his book, as he told People in a March exclusive.

But Tucci is more than just a former co-star to Blunt. When Tucci attended Blunt's 2010 wedding to actor John Krasinski (at George Clooney's villa in Italy, no less), he reconnected with Blunt's sister Felicity, per People, and the sparks flew. The two had met earlier, at the 2006 premiere of "Prada," where Felicity chatted with Tucci and his then-wife, Kate Tucci. (Tragically, Kate died of breast cancer in 2009.) As People noted, Tucci and Felicity began dating in 2010, married in 2012, and went on to have two children together. 

Now that Tucci has entered a period of tranquility, it seems that sis-in-law Emily is more than happy to rave about what she loves best about her former castmate.

Stanley Tucci's love of food is part of why Emily Blunt loves him

As Stanley Tucci told People in March, the actor realized what an important part food played in his life while recovering from his cancer treatments. It was also enough to spur two projects: his 2021 memoir and a CNN series, "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy." He even went viral with an April 2020 Instagram video of himself making a Negroni cocktail, turning him into something of a sex symbol at 61 years old!

Speaking with People, his sister-in-law Emily Blunt said that Tucci's passion for food, drink, and entertaining is part of what she loves about him most. "He's an all-around renaissance man who knows the way to everyone's hearts. And it's through having a damn good time," Blunt told the magazine. She also shared some of his on-set food escapades. "I remember he would come to the set with gorgeous fried risotto balls and pasta that would leave everyone just abandoning their nibbled-on kale chips and salivating over what he'd brought in."

Apparently, acting and cooking aren't Tucci's only talents. Blunt says he is "a beautiful painter," and "a great drummer," and apparently a "weirdly flexible" exercise maven with "a leg lift that rivals Jane Fonda's." She then concluded: "He just gets life, and I absolutely worship the guy."