The Truth About Jen Shah's Home On RHOSLC

Bravo's Real Housewives of Salt Lake City seemed to have all the makings of a new hit franchise. Star Mary Cosby had married her step-grandfather, the self-proclaimed "queen of Sundance" Lisa Barlow was icier than the Utah ski slopes, and Meredith Marks' son Brooks had more sass than all the Housewives combined. 

Yet it was Jen Shah and her "Shah Squad" that were the breakout stars of the series. With enough glitz and glam to challenge Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Vanderpump's empire, Jen's many personal assistants, fierce style, and lavish parties cemented her role as the franchise's reigning starlet. Her ski chalet became a pivotal fixture on the series, housing many crying crises and soirées alike. Of course, all of Jen's goodwill with fans came crashing down after she was arrested for allegedly running a nine-year-long telemarketing scam

It's clear that audiences didn't really know who Jen Shah was after all. And what about her palatial estate? Well, that was a fake too. Keep scrolling to find out the truth about Jen's home that was featured on RHOSLC

Jen Shah's ski chalet was rented for the series

The accusations against Jen Shah just keep tallying up! Per the New York PostJen's "infamous Shah Ski Chalet is an alleged fraud, too." Jen reportedly rented the $3.9 million home, but led Bravo fans — and even her costars — to believe it was her house. 

The ski chalet features a sprawling 9,420 square feet of livable space, but in reality, it has been owned by "Texas-based real estate rental company Univesco Inc." since 2014. The five-bedroom house was listed for sale in 2019, but reportedly was taken off the market after Jen rented it to film RHOSLC. According to the Post, the CEO of Univesco "had no idea that Shah had been hyping the property as her own on the show." 

So where do Jen and her husband, University of Utah football coach Sharrieff Shah, actually live? Apparently, in a $213,000 home in Sandy, Utah. No surprise there for Reddit fans. "We all knew this before the show started," one user commented, pointing out that Jen didn't have any framed family photos hanging on the walls. "I knew something was weird about the chalet. It just didn't add up," another agreed. On top of that, Jen flaunting her wealth onscreen certainly didn't help her case